LG IMS keeps stopping

  • 23 May 2022
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T-Mobile,   I’m fairly confident that this site is monitored.  It is clear from previous posts that there is something  going  on with the network.   A number of people have posted the same issue on this site and other sites regarding “LG IMS keeps stopping” that started today.  It is a known issue that no one can deny. Also, it is very annoying to have to deal with it.  Is this what you really wants to do, harass your customers.  Please take ownership and address the issue.  Say something, issue is being address; this is how you stop it, etc.  or is it that you could care less that you lose some customers? 

7 replies


I have been a customer for many years of T-moblie and now, shamefully, I am thinking a switching because I can’t believe this issue is not being addressed by management. 

I am having the same issue with my LG V30. The phone works fine, but the damned "LG ims keeps stopping" constantly pops up and is ANNOYING AS HELL!!! I AM ALSO SERIOUSLY THINKING OF SWITCHING TO ANOTHER CARRIER IF THIS ISSUE ISNT SOLVED ASAP!!!!

Just started fr our phones Sunday...nothing seem to work..annoying

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If T-Mobile knew how to fix this, they would tell their retail store workers.  Those workers would be thrilled to make their customers happy by doing the “force stop” and “clear cache” recommended on all the YouTube videos IF IT WORKED.  I feel sorry for all the people doing “hard resets” and losing all their photos and documents, then discovering the problem is exactly the same.  Unfortunately, no real solution has been announced.  The YouTube videos with “fixes” don’t work.

It appears that T-Mobile did something to their network yesterday (Sunday) that triggered this problem with nearly every LG phone in the country.  When you go to the lg ims system app, and hit “force stop,” it restarts immediately.  When you “clear cache,” it reloads the cache immediately.  That is how you would expect a vital-for-communications app to behave… it was written to restart and run all the time.

So evidently, T-Mobile did something that is making that app “stutter” or “hiccup” every 3 seconds, then it restarts, then it does it again, over and over and over...with those endless popups that render our phones unusable.

To make amends to customers, T-Mobile needs to 1) Either restore their network to how it was previously, or 2) Give us all very good discounts on non-LG replacement phones.

From everything I am reading this is an issue for ALL LG phones. Has T-Mobile acknowledged there is an issue and they are looking into it? 

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Yes, it seems to affect the entire line, all models, of LG phones.  So far it sounds like the “error message every 5 seconds” is only popping up on the T-Mobile network...if anyone hears differently, please post.

There are six different threads active on this site today on this same subject due to the widespread interest and many people involved.  On one of the other threads, I just posted a long Q and A with the technicians at the local T-Mobile store.  Bottom line: 1) They have seen just about every LG model come in during the past two days;  2) They tried every alleged fix, and nothing worked on any phone; 3) Both the LG and T-Mobile support help lines are jammed; 4)  T-Mobile has been doing a land-office business selling new phones since Sunday, with sales increasing so fast they are worried about selling out!

There are arguments on both sides: The problem is only LG, but also appears to be only T-Mobile.  It seems implausible that LG would push out an update for every model of phone last Sunday without telling anybody.  Could T-Mobile have innocently updated their network so that it was accidentally not compatible with LG anymore?

T-Mobile told us they might run out of phones by tomorrow, so we went ahead and purchased two new Samsung phones today.  

I was able to find the fix on line (NO HELP FROM TMOBILE!) I called my “ T-Mobile team EXPERT representative” to get resolution, of course you’re speaking with someone in Asia who just gives lip service saying I was number one priority when they fix it. Asked to speak with an American (to hopefully get a more clear/honest/informed answer, but never received a call back, go figure). So went to a T-Mobile store and was told LG stopped pushing updates to their phones and I would just have to upgrade to a new phone (We have 3 of them that we bought through Tmobile). Their spring-loaded EZ answer since it’s not their money- just buy new phones.... Seems like T-Mobile should own some of this, been a customer for almost 20 years. T-MOBILE AMERICA, ARE YOU LISTENING?