lg stylo 2 plus

sometimes when i try to send a message on my phone   it says it is sending  then it dont   says  try again  then other times it says sending  and keeps doing it    that but  my person i texted to answers my text why is this doing this?

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What messaging app are you using?  (stock (the one that came on the phone), a different app?)  Do you have data enabled?

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Hey @peppermintpas1‌ - just wanted to check in on you.  How is everything going?  If this is still happening, @snn_555‌ had some great questions so that we can narrow down the problem and try to troubleshoot it with you!  Let us know if you still need assistance!

- Marissa

  yes I am   how you put it on data enabled?

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Use your finger to drag down from the notification/status bar.  In Quick Settings look for the DATA icon (you may need to swipe left to see the additional QS icons) and then tap.  It should illuminate and then you will see the data arrows in the status bar indicating data movement.

Can you browse the web without wifi?  Do you get email alerts?

You don';t need data enabled to send messages such as text, but pictures and MMS need data enabled.

Also, you should be able to send and receive messages while on wifi as well if you have wifi-calling enabled in the Call settings in the MAIN settings screen.

Have you tried a new SIM card from T-Mobile?

Signal strength has a lot to do with messaging abilities as well.

Hey there 😊 Just checking in here to see if you were still having any issues. Please let us know.

I am   using the messenger app that came with phone. Is there another one that I can use which is better?

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Do you have Advanced Messaging enabled in the stock messenger settings menu?

Yes I do   but can I use another messenger other than the one that came with the phone?   If so which is a good one?

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You can use any other messenger you want, but they will all most likely be data-messengers and not cellular messengers.  The stock messenger is the one that uses AM.  Have you cleared the app cache in your phone's storage settings?  (settings - Storage - tap Cache Data)  This will clear the old data and might enable a stuck message.  Also, delete old message threads.

Happy Saturday, @peppermintpas1!

@snn_555 had some awesome suggestions. Did any of them help? Conversations over texts are one of my lifelines so I want to make sure this gets squared away. 😊

hi I am still trying to learn how to use the phone   I had a samsung s6 before   it was my third one that went bad so got rid of it for the LG

Hey @peppermintpas1‌,

Was there anything specific you were looking to learn how to do with your phone?

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Hey there @peppermintpas1‌!  Hope that you're getting a little more comfortable with that phone!  I know the learning curve - especially when switching from something you've used for a long time - can take some adjusting to.  How is everything going?  Anything in particular we can help with?

- Marissa