LG Thinq v60 Android 11 issues


Since the update to Android 11, I have had multiple issues. 

Sending text messages, especially voice texts and pictures is a nightmare.  They fail constantly. (On a side note, what is the best texting app to use on this? Is there one I can switch to, I've tried a couple and I can't find any better than what's on the phone) 

This new chat bubble garbage freezes my screen whenever I close it. Apparently you either have to bubble everything or nothing, which is crap too. 

While I'm watching a video (mostly through Facebook and YouTube) the phone will vibrate and the screen will shut off and I have to unlock it and start the video over.

When I try to make a call over wifi it keeps telling me emergency calls only.  I have bad reception in my house and have been using WiFi calling all this time, but now I can't make calls 9 time out of 10.

When I restart the phone, the issues stop for about 5 minutes, then it's back to having problems.  My phone says I have all the updates available.  I can't find anything that's possibly wrong…


Help!!!! Please


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hate to say it but you might opt to factory reset your for the texting app you might double check to make sure there isnt an update for it to make it compatible with 11.


i turned that bubble junk off..was your device purchased from TMO, brought over from Sprint or purchased directly from LG?

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Please try the suggestions above and let us know if they help fix the issues. Thanks.


It came from T-Mobile. I have 2 of them. My ex has three other and is having similar issues. His texting is doing the same thing. I looked to see if there were any updates, but I don't see anything.  His phone has been shutting off randomly while he's using it as well.  This all started and has been progressively getting worse since the update to Android 11. 

I hate to reset, every time I have done a reset to a phone or tried to carry over a back up to a new phone I always lose things. 😡 But I can try to back it up and reset it

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at this point there arent many other options..only thing i can think of that i run into here and there will be an app or two that will lock up a little bit then bump me out of it..happens here and there..maybe once or twice a week ish..