LG V30 default email app crashing every 3 to 15 seconds

  • 8 July 2020
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Android version: 9

Patch security level: Aug 1, 2019 (none newer)

Kernel 4.4.153


Had two exchange accounts and one aol account on default email.    This evening (7/7/20), the email started crashing continously.    Initially about a week ago, ocassionally crashing.     


Unable to install so cleared storage and cache, and reinstalled one email account, but still crashing every 3 to 15 seconds.


Found similar previous problem, but had already tried all options except for safe mode (need to lookup how to do this, did not even know android os has a safe mode.)


Does anyone have any hints?


Thank you



5 replies

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Have you tried a different e-mail app? The V30 is end of life but the app shouldn't be crashing that badly.  Has anything changed on the client side that might be causing the issue?  Have you installed any new apps recently?  The V30's limited amount of RAM might be the issue in the end.  Especially if the mail client continues to get updates.  


My son installed a game Pubg or similar (I have already deleted it).  I know the V30 is equivalent to the Samsung S8 (same processor) and it normally runs very well.   I will try a different client, thank you.

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The V30 came with less RAM than most flagship of the time.  4GB when everything else had 6GB outside of the Pixel's. 

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keep in mind that it could also be an issue with the app itself..especially since everything else on the phone app wise works fine and doesnt cause any crashes.


going back to lack of memory though...jump into your settings area and pull up how much memory you have max and what is actually left to use. could still be the problem but i would think you would be seeing issues when pulling up other memory taxing type apps. that PUBG game would have been a pretty good tester to see if it was memory related or not since that thing would use quite a bit

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Definitely, but the app has probably been updated more than the OS.  Most app updates in the past year are focused more on flagship specs over discontinued devices.  That is why third party apps can be such a great alternative.