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is there any update, all variants are getting their updates..

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Now Australia and New Zealand are getting Pie.  Fun.

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Well crap, this is embarrassing... the source code for the Verizon V30 was just released.  That means Big Red is probably going to beat T-Mobile AGAIN.

Still waiting..lets hope tmo does not pollute this Pie version with tons of bloatware.. oreo version was slow enough..Jeez

T-Mobile whats the Update it's almost September.  You guys forgot about us?  Bad enough you don't even have the LG V50 on sale.  And the LG V50 has an older cpu now.

I don't know if this helps:

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LG also pulled the Pie upgrade from their Bridge.

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brookharty wrote:

T-Mobile whats the Update it's almost September. You guys forgot about us? Bad enough you don't even have the LG V50 on sale. And the LG V50 has an older cpu now.

All I can say about this is try to be patient or move away from LG products if you can.  Nothing you say or do will change the way LG updates their phones.  Add the carrier into the mix and it's even worse.  It's been stated previously, LG is simply the worst at software updates.  If updates are important to you, move away from LG, anything would be a step up from them.  I hate to say this but even Samsung is way better than LG at software updates.

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I could be wrong, but it appears as though the source code for the T-Mobile model of the V30 might have been released.  Disregard the code in the URL and take a look at the page...

OpenSource Code Distribution

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Aaaaand Android 10 is rolling out.

for other version, a new update put back V30 to Oreo after getting Pie, LG is kidding us

Pathetic LG.. sad.

My sons 2 year old essential phone just got Android 10 and here I am with my 650.00 V30 still on android 8. (which by the way is slow and laggy).

Shame on you LG/T-mob

It is being released now on Verizon...any hope for those of us here?

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Good lord, that's embarassing.  Beaten by Big Red. @tmo_mike_c@tmo_amanda

It's been 2 months @tmo_mike_c told us there is an update and still nothing. Verizon also had pushed the update out. And Android 10 is out. This is pathetic. not going to get LG phones

Threw my LG isn the drawer. Bought a Pixel 3 XL. Running the latest software and security updates. No more of this garbage for me...

Interesting, T-mobile Italy LG V30 H930G is getting the Pie Update

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That's interesting.  I wonder where they got the Italy part, I'm not seeing any T-Mobile operations in Italy (at least not yet, still looking around).

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Nothing here:  Worldwide | Deutsche Telekom

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I'm showing the H930G as a V30+ for Europe, not a V30.

That is TIM Italy...

You are right, It is Telecom Italia, Someone thought TIM is 'T-mobile Italy"

In August, LG released the Pie Update in Australia, India and other several countries, and then Several days later, LG pulled the Update, because there are some issues.

Now, LG fixed issues and pushed the Update again in Australia, India, Turkey, and South Africa.

I think we can see Pie Update very soon on T-mobile LG V30 model, Because the known issues were fixed.

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Yeah.... we'll see :/

I've got two lines with the lgv30. Both payments will be up in 2 months. There is nothing stopping me from checking out AT&t and or Verizon. Swappa is another option. it will give me immense pleasure to not give T-Mobile another penny for a phone