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The official Pie version for the V30 is out now, and will the Tmobile team will provide the Pie update for the LG V30 or not?


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Jeez..shameful T-mobile. Not the way to keep customers

I'm sick of LG. I had the Nexus 5X made by LG and it boot looped on my trip to Mexico and Peru. Couldn't take a single picture. Got a replacement through a class action lawsuit. The replacement also boot looped. Got the V30. Bought it with Nougat when most flagships already had Oreo. Sneaky how they released Oreo soon after the V30's release so that when they finally get around to updating to Pie, the hardware will already be two years old and obsolete. Once we update to Pie, LG will abandon the V30. They lost a customer for life. I'm so mad I'm telling everyone not to buy LG products.

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Yeah, but I'm not thrilled with T-Mobile at this point either.  Pie has been released to them from LG (per a twitter conversation with LG Support USA) at the same time as the other carriers, they just haven't finished their work with it and released it.  They need to dedicate more support to that part of Customer Support!

Hey @tmo_mike_c it has been 3 months you said there is an update and all other carriers got the update, this is a shame really.

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Does the AT&T version have it?

yasingedik wrote:

Hey @tmo_mike_c it has been 3 months you said there is an update and all other carriers got the update, this is a shame really.

So I saw the G7 and G8 are getting the latest security patches today...any chance our upgrade might be next?  Wishful thinking, I know.

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I hear you. Release times can change, that's why we'll update our pages when we get the official time. I've checked, and it's still coming. We appreciate your patience. If you need help with the current version, please let us know.

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Thanks.  Yeah, it's a touchy subject, and some of us are more patient than others.  Thanks for the confirmation that it's still coming (despite the disappearance of Pie from ) and for the offer of help with our current version.

And credit where credit is due... I appreciate the fact that moderators are really good about not censoring posts, even when they're a little abrasive.  I consider it a Good Thing when no one tries to hide or censor the anger that some of us might be feeling.


Thanks for your response.  I think a lot of the issues that we have here are that we all, in fact, like our V30 devices.  I, for one, want to keep using it until it kicks the bucket.  Catch is, I, like many others, use my phone for work, and the 7 month old security patch is concerning.  We do all appreciate the response though, and ask that you keep us in the loop if you get any information.

Well, Its October and Halloween is around the corner. I guess T-mobile will "Trick" us into thinking we may get Pie. 😈


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Embarassing.  Now we've been beaten by AT&T too.

I use my phone to access my work email, etc. I've been notified that as of October 31, I'll no longer be allowed access with Oreo, I need Android 10.0, or 9.0 if 10.0 is not available.  Can we please get Pie at least by the end of October?  Otherwise I won't be able to access my work email anymore. I don't want buy a new phone just for this reason.

Thats the reason I bought the V30. LG/T-mobile said it was Android Enterpise Recommended  for business and enterprise. (updates every 90 days etc..)

It is still listed as such and NO updates for 7 months! Unacceptable !

I have not been able to use my phone for work related calls/emails for the past 5 weeks. (I am back to my moto E5)

What a waste of 650.00. Never Again

I haven't even had mine for 2 years yet (bought directly from T-Mobile). I still have payments left on the EIP (I paid the original price of $800).   I bought mine for coverage because it was the first with Band 71 (which is now available in some places around here), but I do expect better support for what I paid for a flagship phone.

It's still on that list. Says it's on 9.0... but that's not true here.!/17

At&t just got pie.....

That Android Enterprise Recommended page at Android – Android Enterprise Recommended  says

Security patches from device manufacturers delivered within 90 days, guaranteed for three years.

It's not been 3 years yet since the phone launched, and much less since it was still offered for sale.

But who is the one that is responsible for it? Android/Google or LG. It

doesn't mention carriers at all. I've never been able to get an exact

answer to who is the last one to approve updates. I would suspect the

carrier but they never own to it.

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This is an old flow chart from HTC how updates work.

Awesome Infographic: HTC Shows Us “The Anatomy of an Android OS Update” From PDK to OTA – Droid Life

AT&T just released their Pie update for their LG V30 model. Meanwhile T-Mobile is 7 months behind on security updates for their model. This is extremely embarrassing for T-Mobile.

To make matters worse, we still have no ETA for Pie update from T-Mobile representatives. It's as if they don't care for their own customers. Not just in software updates, but not having an ounce of respect for their customers to give an explanation for the delay.

Terrible customer support and software service. T-Mobile you can do so much better but you choose not to.

That's exactly the problem with Android updates. Google, LG, and T-Mobile all own a part of this (and it's why Google phones usually get updates faster since there's fewer parties needed to coordinate the update).  The Android page has this guarantee, so it seems this is Google's statement. I don't know if T-Mobile or LG can be held responsible for this, or if the 90 days starts when Google updates their OS, or when LG delivers the update to T-Mobile.  But my phone's last security update is from March 1.

If T-Mobile gets theirs out reasonably soon I won't complain too much, since it seems LG only recently finished their work after an earlier release attempt ran into issues.  For the Oreo update, T-Mobile had some issues to iron out with McAffee's security software that T-Mobile bundles. The update got pulled and didn't get wide distribution until McAffee fixed their issue.  Phones are complicated and there can always be issues like that with upgrades.

Release dates aren't certain until they're close to finalized. They can try to set a date, but they can never be sure if they'll run into issues that need time to fix, like with Oreo, where they hit a snag with McAffee Security software that wasn't compatible with Oreo.

I sure do love it when android security patches get delayed just because they need to add more bloatware to the software.


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majinken_souga wrote:

AT&T just released their Pie update for their LG V30 model. Meanwhile T-Mobile is 7 months behind on security updates for their model. This is extremely embarrassing for T-Mobile.

On a side note AT&T hasn't released Pie for the newer G7.