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The official Pie version for the V30 is out now, and will the Tmobile team will provide the Pie update for the LG V30 or not?


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Moto is not the best for updates either , just ask the people who own the Moto Z Force.

They backed out of the Pie update.

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I hear you. Release times can change, that's why we'll update our pages when we get the official time. I've checked, and it's still coming. We appreciate your patience. If you need help with the current version, please let us know.

Thats the reason I bought the V30. LG/T-mobile said it was Android Enterpise Recommended  for business and enterprise. (updates every 90 days etc..)

It is still listed as such and NO updates for 7 months! Unacceptable !

I have not been able to use my phone for work related calls/emails for the past 5 weeks. (I am back to my moto E5)

What a waste of 650.00. Never Again

I haven't even had mine for 2 years yet (bought directly from T-Mobile). I still have payments left on the EIP (I paid the original price of $800).   I bought mine for coverage because it was the first with Band 71 (which is now available in some places around here), but I do expect better support for what I paid for a flagship phone.

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This is an old flow chart from HTC how updates work.

Awesome Infographic: HTC Shows Us “The Anatomy of an Android OS Update” From PDK to OTA – Droid Life

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I just sent an email to LG regarding this. Now I have to wait about 24 hours. I know that LG is S-L-O-W with updates, and has TERRIBLE Customer Service. I also researched the update , and most of the suggestions were in T-Mobile.

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Just like a kid at Christmas, huh?

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snn555 wrote:

Definitely no one buys an LG with any hopes of updates, timely or ever. There's really no sense in a flagship phone having to wait that long.

Yep, don't buy LG phones if you care about timely updates.

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Agree, Moto not the fastest either.  Although, my X4's have been on Pie for quite a while now with regular security updates.

T-Mobile whats the Update it's almost September.  You guys forgot about us?  Bad enough you don't even have the LG V50 on sale.  And the LG V50 has an older cpu now.

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And now three *different* carriers in Canada, WITH the September patch!…

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Unfortunately Verizon usually gets updates faster.

Hey @tmo_mike_c it has been 3 months you said there is an update and all other carriers got the update, this is a shame really.


Thanks for your response.  I think a lot of the issues that we have here are that we all, in fact, like our V30 devices.  I, for one, want to keep using it until it kicks the bucket.  Catch is, I, like many others, use my phone for work, and the 7 month old security patch is concerning.  We do all appreciate the response though, and ask that you keep us in the loop if you get any information.

Well, Its October and Halloween is around the corner. I guess T-mobile will "Trick" us into thinking we may get Pie. 😈


I use my phone to access my work email, etc. I've been notified that as of October 31, I'll no longer be allowed access with Oreo, I need Android 10.0, or 9.0 if 10.0 is not available.  Can we please get Pie at least by the end of October?  Otherwise I won't be able to access my work email anymore. I don't want buy a new phone just for this reason.

At&t just got pie.....

Appreciate the answer! Thanks

Well, add me to the list of people who can no longer use their expensive flagship "Enterprise" approved phone for work.

As of Oct 1 I cannot access work emails and info.

Complete disregard for customers.. Shameful T-mobile.

Looks like I will need to jump to  another provider that actually "provides" promises

There's now a security exploit that takes full control of your Android device and grants a hacker unauthorized access to your files from a remote location. One of the devices vulnerable to this exploit is LG Oreo Devices.

Attackers exploit 0-day vulnerability that gives full control of Android phones | Ars Technica

Pretty much every other major carrier has fixed this security exploit days or weeks ago by releasing their Pie update already. Meanwhile T-Mobile is 7 months behind on security updates. T-Mobile is bringing a gigantic security risk to everyone who owns their LG V30 H932 model currently. It would be in T-Mobiles best interest to hurry up releasing this update or else they put their own customers in jeopardy.

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I have the V30, too. We're supposed to receive, but we have to wait. What I did was type out "Pie update for V30 T-Mobile". There is a lot of comments regarding LG, and it ain't pretty! From what I have read here the ball is in LG's court. Hope that helps.

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Try contacting LG, and see what they have said. It would be interesting. Perhaps if you get a reply come back here!

The Global version of LG V30 already has the Pie update, it was out this July, yet let's wait till the end of the month if we will get ours

Thank you, waiting for their feedback then

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The V30 isn't even in testing yet. However it may very well be and this page just has not been updated.

LG will tell you that T-Mobile has the update it should be working on it and T-Mobile will tell you they are waiting on LG to send it to them.

Still though I had Android pie beta on a Moto X4 in May last year and stable release the following August.  Definitely no one buys an LG with any hopes of updates, timely or ever.  There's really no sense in a flagship phone having to wait that long.