LG V30 Oreo broke bluetooth audio

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OK I have Factory Reset the device for the ??? time...

I have Not installed any third party apps.

I have tested with a Plantronics PLT V5200 BT headset and no issues

I have tested with a Parriot B350-XT v3.33 AND No issues so far and it's been a couple days...

At some point I will install my apps - If I don't sell the phone first (up for sale on

Anyhow, I may end up keeping the phone since I like it, but it's for business... so it Has to Work right...

After my Factory Reset it took over a week before the BT issue started up again.  Unless @tmo_mike_c​ thinks our phones should not have any apps added to them ever for it to work correctly he does not understand we need these apps.  We bought these phones so we can use apps.  Right now he wants our phones to be useless.  He need to either give us a plan what is being done to fix this our get someone high up from tech support to work with us.  Right now I feel like he is doing nothing to help ,and is wanting us to do his job in trying to help other T-mobile customers.  😥 

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I understand being able to customize your phone and use the apps you want to use. My request of testing without any apps is to see if the issue continues with just the standard apps only. This is a test we have many folks do when issues happen with software as some times new software and 3rd party can cause some issues with new software.

I do have the right folks involved and working on this as well, but for now, I don't have any updates I can give on a fix. I'm still keeping an eye on this thread and when I get more information, I'll be sharing it with the folks on here. I totally get everyone here is dealing with this issue this is important for me to get a solution out to you all for this and everything you've all been giving me is helpful, and I thank you for that.

Not sure why the reply to this post is missing.  Saw it noted this:

This guy suggested resetting network settings.  Cellular, wifi and Bluetooth all reset at once.  Afterwards he also suggested to exclude Bluetooth form battery optimization.

Settings>network>bottom of screen network settings>clear settings

Settings>general>battery>power saving exclusions.

After doing the first step I noticed my phone got snappy like after a fresh restart.  Going to see tomorrow how this works. 

OK so after trying the steps below I still have the skipping issue, but it is a little improved.  For about the first 5min of running BT everything was good.  Then it started back up.    It is not doing it as much.  Instead of about once a minute it will some times go 2-3min before going a skip. Other times it will do two skips back to back. 

This guy suggested resetting network settings.  Cellular, wifi and Bluetooth all reset at once.  Afterwards he also suggested to exclude Bluetooth form battery optimization.

Settings>network>bottom of screen network settings>clear settings

Settings>general>battery>power saving exclusions.

After doing the first step I noticed my phone got snappy like after a fresh restart

Ok folks I've been playing with this for a few days.  Read on every post on several different carriers and different phones.  I found someone who said it had to do with location scanning.  So I tried this and so far some success.

First, I went to my Bluetooth menu.  Hit the 3 dots, opened Bluetooth history.  Made note of several apps that scanned for BLE.  Facebook, Instagram, Google play services.

Second, I went to settings>network>location.  Once I got to that screen.  I noticed that I have high mode for location.  I left that alone.  I did however go into scanning.  I shut off Bluetooth scanning.  I then went into app level permissions, and turned off the apps that I noted earlier.  I turned off Facebook, Instagram and Google play services.

Third I went to settings>general>developer options.  I made sure to turn my avrcp to v1.4 which was my phone's default.

Forth, I went back to settings>general>apps>special access>power saving exclusions.  I excluded all 3 Bluetooth options.

Lastly I went to settings>general>apps>apps info.  Found all 3 Bluetooth options, forced stopped all 3 and then cleared cache for all 3.

At this point I have used YouTube on my Bluetooth headset for 2 hours straight with the screen on and not one drop or skip or dead air space.  I hope this will be the fix until Google gives us a good patch.  I hope I didn't miss anything but I'm pretty sure that's everything.  Hopefully someone else can try this and see how it goes for them.

That’s a lot of steps to go through…


Good for you.

Right now mine is ok. But I am adding apps that use BT back like my Garmin Watch app that connects to my phone…

I’m taking it slowly and using my backup Google Pixel 2 XL…

Thank you for all that work.  I will be willing to give this a try also.  Know some people are saying FB is the issue. 

I'm glad this problem is getting attention. I have been talking with store reps and customer service for weeks. I am on my 3rd warranty phone and I can't even count how many times I have reset. The Bluetooth and the data dropping is maddeningly frustrating especially after never having an issue like this in the past. I really hope something can be done soon about this. I don't like taking the risk of loading custom roms.

Data dropping what do you mean by that?

When testing this are you guys keeping your screen on? The skipping for me

does not happen if the lock screen is showing.

I bought a new pair of headphones, and after NFC pairing I was able to use

the phone while playing music. It worked great for a week. Life was


The v1.4 developer trick worked for a day. Still skips, but at least the

skipping is different.

Apps that use data will stop loading. Instagram, YouTube, spotify, multiple podcast apps that I have tried.

What apps stop loading…?

You know what... My data has been dropping too. At my office and this morning at home.  I didn't think it was related.

This is incredibly frustrating- I also have a Pixel 2 on Project File and over been having to use it for running and cycling because it's warming!

I hope an update comes soon!

This is so frustrating!!!  I have the same problem and have tried all the proposed fixes mentioned on this posts and none works.  T-Mobile.... please fix this.   This is a known problem which is affecting lots of people.

Ok so it's been a few days and I have this to report.

My Bluetooth headset has had mixed success.  I have been able to use YouTube, Netflix, and Google play music and haven't had any clipping or dropping of sound.  However I still have trouble watching videos through a website.  Occasionally the sound will drop but nowhere like before.  So all in all, it seems to be working for me at least 95% of the time.  Hopefully some of you have similar success.

Agreed I have tried every fix listed.  So far all I have gotten is about a week of my phone working right.  Then it goes right back to having issues.  @tmo_mike_c​  we need some help with a fix ASAP.  I just do not get how we can't have a phone with working BT.  😥 

Just wondering has anyone had any luck exchanging out their phone with T-mobile for a new one? 

Nevermind, after two days the skipping returned. C'mon t-T-Mobile!!

Has anyone had any luck if they exchanged out their phone?  Talked with tech support last night.  They know if the issue but do not have a fix.  Only option is to live with it till they find a fix.  Or I can try to exchange out the phone. 

I sold mine

I am on my 3rd phone so far from T-mobile. Same issues every time. I am curious if anyone else could tell me what version of the phone they have? I have the H932. Does anybody have anything else or is the H932 the only model T-Mobile gets?

What is messed up today all of a sudden the skipping issue went away.  I did not any changes to my phone.  Not sure how long this will last. 

OK, not exactly the same issue here, but likely related and may help troubleshooting.

My V30 has been randomly disconnecting from my Jeep UConnect system during calls resulting in a dropped call.  The screen shows "No Phone Connected" just before the call is dropped.

I've also experienced the audio issue with a Bose Soundlink (thought it was my WiFi or signal quality), but that's a minor inconvenience compared to the dropped calls.

I've done everything listed on the string short of a restore, but very little (if any) difference.  Based on the feedback, I'm not going to bother with the backup and restore.

There were no issues with Nougat for the previous 9 months.

I hope this helps -- I'll keep following!  Thanks everyone!

Have not seen any posts for a bit.  Has anyone found a long term fix yet?  I am still having issues.  😥