LG V30 Oreo broke bluetooth audio

After updating to Oreo via the OTA release, bluetooth audio now skips/stutters constantly.  Before the update it never skipped at all.  Anyone else experiencing this yet?  Hardware/Software info:  LG V30 LG-H932 Rev.1.0 from T-mobile.  Android v 8.0.0, 4.4.78 kernel, h93320h software.   The only bluetooth audio device that I use it with (so the only I've tested with so far) is my vehicles Pioneer AVH-X2600BT head unit.


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An install of the most recent update sent out did not fix the problem. So, I reset all network settings and then did a factory reset. This has fixed the problem, at least for now...

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Sorry it's still giving you fits but thanks for keeping us updated. I appreciate you letting us know how well the other update works for you.

@nolehunter​ thanks for sharing what you did to fix your phone. I'm glad that worked out for you.


It’s working better today.

I tried from a Plantronics V5200 BT headset and it worked good on a 30 minute call while driving…

Plantronics does have a app for android that I guess checks the headset and the device and updates any firmware if needed – I’m gonna try that tomorrow or when I’m off on the 4th.

I think the 2nd Update I got over the air did the trick.

Within 24 hrs. after I posted on here it was received…

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That's such good news. I think it's awesome the Plantronics app does that. I haven't used that brand of headset in a long time, so that's totally new to me. Thanks for that info.

My experience after the latest update is still the same. If you turn the

screen off the Bluetooth works fine. If the screen is on you'll get

skipping and choppy call audio.

Hi Mike, I did the reset and so far things seem fixed.  I have only been running it for a day.  Next week will be the true test.  Should get a good 30+ hours of BT time. 

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Hey @veener79  and thanks for coming back to keep us posted. Thanks giving the reset a shot and I'm glad is working for you.

Well, the fix of a factory reset after the new update only lasted a few days. The dead air/skipping is back. Seriously thinking about switching to a different phone... which is very frustrating because I really love the rest of this phone. But I can't keep doing factory resets every three days and the skipping bluetooth is unbearable.

I think the calling is ok now I've got picture taking problems and saving them on the phone...

ALSO, I just found out when taking pictures on this newly updated phone pictures can’t be seen on my phone. So when I go to the gallery it shows placeholder with a triangle exclamation mark…

Happens when I change from 16mp  to a smaller size to save space I selected one of the other sizes and have had problems… only when taking picture at full 16 mp 4:3

How to fix this?


I spoke too early... Like one of the previous posters. My BT call "dead air/skipping is back."...   I will try and RESET Device and not restore from a previous backup.

This is not good and if continues - getting rid of LG V30+

Hi Mike, this issue is starting back up after I did the clean wipe of my phone.  😥  It is not as bad as it was.  It does it a couple times a hour for a very short time.  I am worried the issue is going to keep getting worse.  😥  Do you have any other fixes? 

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Ah shucks. Sorry to hear but thanks for letting me know. Does this happen when the Bluetooth device are close to each other? I just wanna make sure it's not a proximity issue. After you completely wiped the phone, did you test it without adding any 3rd party apps back?

Hi @tmo_mike_c

My headphones are no more then 2 feet from my phone.  My phone is on my desk right in front of me.  When connected to my car the phone is about 2-3" from the HU in the car.  It has the same issue. 

The first week of use I did have apps on it as I needed a working phone and I had no issues with the BT audio.  Today my BT is just about unusable as the BT is cutting out at least one time per minute.  This just started today.  This morning I noticed my phone did not connect to my car's BT.  When I checked my phone the car was missing from listed paired BT items.  My phone just unpaired it with out me even going into BT settings.  It is like my BT is just crashing or going corrupt over time. 

What can I do to get this fixed ASAP?  Your update has now broken a major function of my phone.  By law to talk on my phone in my car it has to be through BT. 

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Aw, that's rough. Thanks for coming back and keeping us all updated. I haven't heard back about any issues with this, but I'm checking in again with some folks to revisit this issue. Did you test the BT without 3rd party apps to see if it was working? We totally want you to be safe while driving and I understand this is super important. Another thing to keep in mind is the BT software in the care itself. I'm not 100% how often it's done or how to update it, but it's a good idea to make sure the car's internal BT is up to date. The car manufacturer should know more about updates for the vehicles wireless connection software. Still, I'm keeping my internal folks update with what you've posted here in this thread so we can work on our end too.

mike (tmo_mike_c)  Not sure what you are meaning now by testing with out 3rd party apps.  I can connecting the device using the setting area of the phone.  I am not using an app.  I have the issue with calls just using the headset and the stock phone app. 

All my firmware is up to date on both devices.  Both devices have the same issue.  It singles out it is a phone issue.  Who does this need to get escalated to for a fix?  You have been seeing this problem for a while now. 

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Third party apps are any applications that downloaded from the Play Store. We encourage that you remove them and test out the device's Bluetooth functionality with only the apps that were installed on the phone when you opened it out of the box.

I do appreciate you checking the firmware on the devices. Sorry for any confusion, but I'm contacting folks on my end about this issue and having it investigated for you.

Ok, I'm doing this again...

w/out installing any 3rd party apps,

one BT test call this morning and it was good

will pair w/another BT headset tonight and see how that goes from my house with the tmo cellspot in place.

Don't know if that makes a difference?

it's the cellspot that amplifies the cell signal.

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Oh, that's a really good test @don052​ I appreciate you doing that. I would imagine using the cellspot shouldn't make a difference, but I definitely wanna know if there's a change in the audio.

I have been experiencing the same issues with Bluetooth. After the update I cannot hold a Bluetooth call for more than 10 minutes or the call status cuts out and eventually goes dead.

When I am listening to music on Bluetooth headphones the music skips every 45 seconds or so.

And when connected to my car it disconnects after the first phone call and I have to remove it and pair it again after restarting the phone.

I have used multiple headphones, and two different vehicles with the same results.

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Can you try a wiping the cache and testing out the Bluetooth again?

I have wiped the cache with the same result. I have also performed a factory reset. Problem persists.

I may have found a fix.  I stumbled onto a Reddit post talking about switching the Bluetooth Version on the phone.  I haven't tested it extensively, but I did find it odd when I went into that setting, it was set on v6, but v4 is the system default. 

This is how I did it. 

Went into settings>general>about phone

Tapped on Build version 7 times.  Developer options open up.

Go back a screen and the new developer options will be available above About Phone.

Go into Developer Options>Bluetooth AVRCP Version

I chose v4. 

If anyone else would like to try it, let us know how it goes for you.  When I have time I will test it out further, but so far it's been working without issues.

Just tried and did a reboot.  Funny your phone was on V6 and my phone was on V5.  So far I am still having the same issue.  Just this morning before I did this my one BT just went missing again from my phone.  Noticing ever couple weeks I have a BT device just drop off my phone. 

So far I am having this issue with my Jabra Headset, Subaru car, and even my Brand new Ford Edge.  What @ofsinreno is saying is happening to him matching me exactly. 

After trying that I went back and cleared cache and data then did a reboot.  I am still having the skipping issues.  @tmo_mike_c​ when is someone going to take responsibility to get this fixed?  Or when is T-mobile going to issue new phones that do not have the issue your update caused? 

I tend to agree. There isn't any rhyme or reason to this bug, and all

these fixes that have been proposed don't work. I got out of modding my

phone and trusting the carriers would just provide updates.

This is getting to be sad. I can only use the device with Bluetooth if the

screen is off. It doesn't matter if it's a call, music, or whatever. Video

is impossible.

I'm thinking a refund might be best also.