LG V30 Oreo broke bluetooth audio

After updating to Oreo via the OTA release, bluetooth audio now skips/stutters constantly.  Before the update it never skipped at all.  Anyone else experiencing this yet?  Hardware/Software info:  LG V30 LG-H932 Rev.1.0 from T-mobile.  Android v 8.0.0, 4.4.78 kernel, h93320h software.   The only bluetooth audio device that I use it with (so the only I've tested with so far) is my vehicles Pioneer AVH-X2600BT head unit.


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After reviewing all of the posts and troubleshooting my V30, I can confirm that this is a problem with the BLE / location feature.  For me, it was the Tile app.  Once I denied it location access, the BT stopped cutting out / skipping.  This is a huge problem though, since many people use apps like this, but looking at the logs and times of the drops, this feature is what's causing it.

Same thing here. I have Tile app installed, and could get a workaround for BT skipping issue once followed directions posted by magenta1550128. Thanks for the directions! Waiting for permanent fix from LG though...

For me, the skipping appears to be resolved in the new October update.  I have the TrackR app installed and connected to devices and I have yet to hear it skip since yesterday.

Yeeeeeeees!  Thanks for the heads up.  I updated and I haven't had a single skip. I haven't been able to use my Bluetooth for music and what seems for forever. I'm so glad to have this feature back.

Agreed after the update everything has been great. 

Confirmed - no skipping after Oct 1 2018 update to H93220o (t-mobile).  Would be nice if there were release notes somewhere. I tried LG's support site and not only are there no release notes, they list H932220k ast the last update -lol. Sad.  BUT, I'm glad my phone is working without issue now so thanks for that!!

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I was hoping this was true but, at least for me, the skipping continued.  I use BT in my ear and in my car and if I'm not on the phone I like to listen to music, books and podcasts.  So I gave up and traded in my V30 for a Note 9 taking advantage of a pretty good trade in deal.  I blame LG for this not T-Mo since I have seen posts about this on other carriers.  Either LG does not care or it's a hardware problem or both.  I am very happy with my choice with the Note 9, no skipping, great pictures, beautiful screen and well much more.  Good luck everyone!

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@djjstew did you not get an update that the others are referring to? I suggest checking to see if there's an update and letting us know if the skipping goes away.

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Yes I tried all the above since this started including the recent "update" and still had skipping. I have moved on to the Note 9 and am very happy.

I see that this problem with bluetooth has been going on for sometime.  I'm only experiencing it for over a month.  I believe I did send a text to the Tech support, but never got a reply.  It IS frustrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have to restart my phone all the time.  It will revive/connect the bluetooth after a restart, but it doesn't hold the connection.  It'll get disconnected again.  I've followed everything, including updates.  It was frustrating when I had to pair my watch.  Had to keep restarting, connect, disconnect and restart again. Can LG do something about it?  Or is it T-Mobile who's got the issue.