LG V30 Oreo broke bluetooth audio

After updating to Oreo via the OTA release, bluetooth audio now skips/stutters constantly.  Before the update it never skipped at all.  Anyone else experiencing this yet?  Hardware/Software info:  LG V30 LG-H932 Rev.1.0 from T-mobile.  Android v 8.0.0, 4.4.78 kernel, h93320h software.   The only bluetooth audio device that I use it with (so the only I've tested with so far) is my vehicles Pioneer AVH-X2600BT head unit.


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I had the same problem and unpairing then clearing cache and data for Bluetooth, then restarting the phone and pairing again fixed the problem

I can confirm that I had the same problem and unpairing all devices in Bluetooth settings, then clearing cache and data in Bluetooth and restarting phone and re-pairing devices fixed it. To clear Bluetooth data and cache, go to general tab of settings, then app and notifications, then app info. Then click 3 menu dots at top right, and "show system". This will show system apps. Scroll down to Bluetooth. There's 2 of them. After clicking on either one, click storage. Then clear cache and delete data. I did this for both Bluetooth items shown in the list. Restart phone, reconnect Bluetooth devices and you should be good to go.

Well, the fix of a factory reset after the new update only lasted a few days. The dead air/skipping is back. Seriously thinking about switching to a different phone... which is very frustrating because I really love the rest of this phone. But I can't keep doing factory resets every three days and the skipping bluetooth is unbearable.

I may have found a fix.  I stumbled onto a Reddit post talking about switching the Bluetooth Version on the phone.  I haven't tested it extensively, but I did find it odd when I went into that setting, it was set on v6, but v4 is the system default. 

This is how I did it. 

Went into settings>general>about phone

Tapped on Build version 7 times.  Developer options open up.

Go back a screen and the new developer options will be available above About Phone.

Go into Developer Options>Bluetooth AVRCP Version

I chose v4. 

If anyone else would like to try it, let us know how it goes for you.  When I have time I will test it out further, but so far it's been working without issues.

Ok folks I've been playing with this for a few days.  Read on every post on several different carriers and different phones.  I found someone who said it had to do with location scanning.  So I tried this and so far some success.

First, I went to my Bluetooth menu.  Hit the 3 dots, opened Bluetooth history.  Made note of several apps that scanned for BLE.  Facebook, Instagram, Google play services.

Second, I went to settings>network>location.  Once I got to that screen.  I noticed that I have high mode for location.  I left that alone.  I did however go into scanning.  I shut off Bluetooth scanning.  I then went into app level permissions, and turned off the apps that I noted earlier.  I turned off Facebook, Instagram and Google play services.

Third I went to settings>general>developer options.  I made sure to turn my avrcp to v1.4 which was my phone's default.

Forth, I went back to settings>general>apps>special access>power saving exclusions.  I excluded all 3 Bluetooth options.

Lastly I went to settings>general>apps>apps info.  Found all 3 Bluetooth options, forced stopped all 3 and then cleared cache for all 3.

At this point I have used YouTube on my Bluetooth headset for 2 hours straight with the screen on and not one drop or skip or dead air space.  I hope this will be the fix until Google gives us a good patch.  I hope I didn't miss anything but I'm pretty sure that's everything.  Hopefully someone else can try this and see how it goes for them.

I found the solution to my problem was to delete Trackr app. I would advice anyone with an app that takes total and constant control of bluetooth to delete the app. Once I deleted TrackR app I enjoy using all 7 of my bluetooth audio devices without a problem.

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Oh man. I haven't seen anything about Oreo causing this. Are you able to test another Bluetooth device like a headset to see if the same thing happens? You could try to wipe cache and reboot the phone to see if that helps.

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That's awesome @magenta4918022 !

Thanks for hopping in and helping out. 😊

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Hi @magenta3200699

Have you tried the suggestion above? Please give that a shot and let us know if that helps. Thank you.

Has anyone tried that yet?  I'm in the same boat.  Bluetooth was fine before Oreo and now it's extremely choppy.

I don't really want to have to jump through hoops if it's not going to work.

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Hey, all! Just wanted to see if anyone else had tested out the troubleshooting steps that @magenta4918022​ shared!

I too am having problems with the Oreo update for the V30 communicating with my car's infotainment system (A2DP) and I have already reset the phone post-update.

The skipping is about on-par with 7.x, but what is new is that my steering wheel controls no longer advance or reverse track numbers. On previous phones, I could expect the track to change followed by an audible beep. No longer the case (either).

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Oh, what a shame this is giving you fits. When you did the reset, did you test out the Bluetooth before downloading any of your personal info and apps back? Have you tested your V30 with another Bluetooth device to see if it works?

Here is my report on the same issue and what I've done about it.

For a preamble I'd like to say that the LG V30 has been the best phone I ever had hands down bar-none. Before the update I operated Hyundai premium media head, 2 Automatic adapters for my cars, 6 different headsets, 2 Speakers, bt hotspot, 4 trackr devices, all Bluetooth of different quality and versions and advanced codecs like HD APTX A2DP. Non had problems at all with skipping. Since the Oreo update on my LG-H932 Hardware Version 1.0 Software Version H93220h all my audio devices are skipping constantly.

Before trying @magenta4965814 solution the skipping was incessant every 5-15 seconds. After following all the steps I have longer periods where there is no skipping but they are still there. I cleared all devices listed under Bluetooth before I reset both bluetooth apps cache's and data.Turned off then on. Reset my headsets before repairing them (plugging your bt headset to charge and pressing the power for 5 seconds). Is there a way to roll back to Nugget until a fix is ready? I use my bluetooth audio for everything I really need a fix.

Bluetooth issues for me as well, same skipping that other have reported. Removing all devices and clearing cache and data did seem to help but it i not a full fix. I still have some skipping but not enough that it really bothers me but it should be pointed out that on Nugget I had zero Bluetooth issues. I notice the V30 Oreo update was stopped and the device is listed again under in development for the Oreo update. Hopefully when the update rolls out again it fixes all these Bluetooth issues.

Sorry to hear that the solution doesn't work. It worked for me but then I also slowly had the skipping return. Unfortunately. I think the problem could be with updating over the top of Nougat. I also tried a factory reset and restored an LG backup and still the Bluetooth issues were there. I think restoring the Nougat backup on top of the Oreo system screws things up. Also had data issues after this restore. Data would just stop working even though it showed a full 4G signal. Would happen several times per day in all places. Anyways, I finally factory reset without restoring a backup. This took about 5 hours though to download all my apps individually and set everything up the way that I like it and change settings in every single app, etc. But now I have no data drops. And my Bluetooth audio is perfect. Tested for several hours yesterday. Hopefully the fix persists. I'll be driving around today for a few hours and will test it there also. If going the factory reset route, just make sure you check every single app for info that you need to backup. For example, I have a note taking app but it has a backup feature. Often the backup file is on internal storage which gets erased in the factory reset. So move backup files to SD card or computer. Also photos, videos, everything in the file system that you don't want erased forever. Text messages I backed up with SMS backup and restore app. WhatsApp can backup to Google drive. MCbackup for contacts. You would also lose any progress in games, etc. It's a big decision but it was worth a try for me as not having Bluetooth audio is kind of impossible. I'll update here if my issues return after further testing.

I am also having major WiFi connectivity issues along with crazy bad Bluetooth  issues, I am tired of clearing the cache, and resetting my network settings over and over again. I really hope they come through with a fix like ASAP. I also notice that this update has made some of my other apps go bonkers as well. Now every time I skip a song in Tidal I hear the sound I chose for my main notification, and it's annoying!!!

Looking forward to hearing your results. I did a factory reset, but I restored by data. If you report back positive then I'll bite the bullet and follow suit!

I've been playing music via Bluetooth in my car for about 3 hours total today. At different times. I no longer have the data issues and music plays flawlessly. It's the second Bluetooth device that I've tried and it's perfect. So looks like the only way to avoid issues is to factory reset and set up everything like new. Pretty annoying but it's what it is. So obviously a problem with LG's method of restoring data or upgrading over previous data. It's definitely LG's problem more than T-Mobile. They probably tested devices with fresh clean Oreo and not upgrades or backups restored. Phone works flawlessly for me now after the factory reset and no backup restored. Lot of work. Be careful to save everything you can. But it's worth it for a phone with 0 issues.

Thank you for the update! Would you mind reporting back after a few days? I've noticed that the problem slowly comes back after a normal reset (with backup data) - I hope that completely blank slate will resolve the issue.

Bad news everybody. Even with factory reset, after I connected a second Bluetooth device while listening to music in the car, the skipping started again. Very badly. Even after disconnecting the second device, the skipping continues. And the data drops again. Looks like I have a full 4G signal, but nothing works. Music stops streaming, GPS app looking for network. Several times a day, I have to turn airplane mode on and off to get it to work again. So frustrating. Waited forever for this update. Update screws everything up. Factory reset and restore backup still screws everything up. Clean factory reset and still screwed up. I must have wasted 30+ hours of my life dealing with this. And now my Bluetooth doesn't work. And signal dropping costing me money as I drive uber and lyft. Hope they fix this soon! How could they test these devices and not find all these problems!?

I'm having the same issues. A smartphone isn't very useful without any of the communications abilities. This has almost made the phone unusable - I regret buying the phone outright because I can't just jump to a different model. I am ready to sell this and move to another phone/carrier.

T-MOBILE could we get an ETA or some acknowledgement that this is being addressed? We know the Oreo update was halted because of all the issues people are reporting. Those of us that trustingly updated are hurting.

Original op here.... Problem still occurring after suggested fixes. It also occurs on other Bluetooth devices (like Toyota head unit).

My phone now sucks badly.  It is unacceptable that such a serious bug made it through beta. Tmobile and LG really crapped the bed on this one.

I plan to contact LG regarding the warranty. If I get rejeceted then I'll go with a Pixel and Project-Fi. Too bad. Great phone before the update.

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T-Mobile doesn't have any known issues listed for this but I'm seeing it pop up when I Google searched it. Has anyone hear reached out and heard back from LG to see if they have any suggestions on steps that can help?