• 23 October 2016
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I have a LG-V521 tablet that I would like to get hooked up, the only problem is I bought the tablet from someone who came into my place of work. The did a factory reset, it says since it was reset i have to have the previous gmail address. I do not have access to that. What can I do?



3 replies

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Hey @grule81‌!  Sorry for the error - my original response to this was misplaced!  I want to be sure I understand your issue - you've completed a total master reset of this LG G Pad, but it's still asking for the original owner's Google account information?  That seems strange - the reset should remove everything!  Can you try again and see if the tablet is restoring from a backup?  Do you have an option to forgo the backup restore, or switch users so that you could enter your own Google account information instead?  Do you still have the original user's SIM in the device?  I'm wondering if the tablet is trying to take you to the ConnectMe page and is asking for the email based on that SIM card... let us know a little more detail on what happens when you reset the tablet so we can pinpoint the problem - I'm really hoping that you're able to use the tablet without trying to track down the previous owner!

- Marissa

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I hope you're having a great Saturday so far, @grule81. We really want to get your G Pad working for you. If you're still running into the same issue with the GMail account, please answer the questions above from Marissa so we can get the full picture of what's happening.

the tablet is on my plan, but belonged to my grandson, and he has no clue what the password would be. I have tried to master reset and it always goes to the old gmail address and i dont have it.There has to be a way to reset it.