LG V60 - Android 11 Updated, But new "Media Player" is missing

  • 17 March 2021
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I recently got the Android 11 system update to my LG V60 that I originally got through Sprint.  Ever since the update, a couple of apps (music and podcast players) that I use all the time have been running into all sorts of bugs, mainly the player notifications disappearing the second I pause them or a phone call comes in.  It’s incredibly annoying.

I contacted one of the developers today and he advised that the app is optimized to work with the new Android 11 "Media Player" that lives in the notification dropdowns.  The problem is… I do not have the new media player.

I've looked over every screenshot and detail I've been able to find regarding the new “Media” add-on, and apparently there's supposed to be an option to turn it on and off under the "Sound" master page in settings... but I don't have one. I also tried turning on Developer mode, thinking it might just be a hidden option, but there’s nothing there either.

I am just trying to determine now - is my phone uniquely broken, or was this something deliberately left off for the Android 11 build pushed to LG V60 phones.  Can someone else who has one of these exact same phones please confirm?

1 reply


Can anyone please help on this, it’s driving me crazy