LG V60 auto brightness problem

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Fast Brightness Control Widget from F-Droid or Play

back out once set or close

create widget

click solar mass you want

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i have a feeling a ton of these bugs and issues will be fixed in the near future with an update.


is the auto brightness just not working or what? and is this with the 2nd screen attached or without?

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it's not so much a big as it goes almost to 0 brightness but T-Mobile firmware seems to always make the brightness screwed up in LG phones. The issue is that it isn't bright enough sometimes in specific lightening. I wish the would just make auto brightness raise 10% as an option. 

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is it while the second screen is attached or without? wondering if its mainly happening when the other is attached or not.

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It's usually when light on one side of the phone is dramatically different and the phone decreases the brightness as if it is dark but it isn't dark at all. It has nothing to do with the light sensor or anything connected. It also doesn't seem to be case specific. It can make video watching undoable as the contrast is so out of wack with how anyone would naturally see the brightness vs the ambient lighting. By simply raising the auto brightness a little with force it fixes the issue. The auto brightness is fine in 98% of cases.