LG v60 Thinkq (dual screen): Speakerphone cutting off

I am not sure if this is an OS issue or not, but taking a chance someone will have a fix.  We have two of these phones and they both have an issue where while on speakerphone, it will suddenly and with no discernible pattern or time frame, mute your voice to the caller.  You can still hear them but they can't hear you.  If you take it off speaker, they can again hear you (or use headphones, I was just learned).  Since it's happening on BOTH of our phones and have subsequently found other people online with this issue, they must know about.  Am wondering if anyone has any input on this issue.  thanks!


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I have 2 as well.  Well actually 4.  I returned the first 2 and have the brand new replacements.  All 4 have the muting problem.  Her is what I have found out.  It happens on incoming calls when using speakerphone.  Usually just before the one minute Mark.  I tried with no luck the following.  Turned off Bluetooth.  Turned off WiFi. Turned off permissions for other apps requesting microphone permission.  Spent 1 hour on phone with LG only for them to say that since it is only on incoming calls it is a tmobile issue.  Tmobile has no clue.  So now I am left with the option to cancel the purchase which I hate to do because the 2 for 1 deal is over and otherwise love the phone but it is not usable.  My thougts are that it is tied into  volte but there is no way to turn it off.  Can choose 2g but if that is the fix I am out.  Any help or input would be appreciated.

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Honestly if it happens without the accessory then it's an accessory problem and not a carrier problem. 

It happens with and without dual screen.  It happens regardless of the carrier, regardless of if its on wifi or cell.  It just happens...and no one is addressing it.  LG send you back to your provider, in this case, T-mobile and T-mobile is clueless.

It's not only on incoming calls, though. 

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fluffitude wrote:

It happens with and without dual screen. It happens regardless of the carrier, regardless of if its on wifi or cell. It just happens...and no one is addressing it. LG send you back to your provider, in this case, T-mobile and T-mobile is clueless.

If that is the case then it's a manufacturer problem.  Carriers don't touch code like people think they do since the days of BREW.  OEMs in general pass the buck to carriers because it's easier to do.  Of course T-Mobile will be clueless because it's not their code, and the device wasn't made by them.

A long time ago JBQ(Former Android developer for Google) did an Source project with Sony.  What he found out carriers are less involved that it is lead to believe.  The biggest delay was actually licensing agreement and government involvement like FCC for example.  Carriers often took no longer than a month while FCC could take up to 6 months.  During that time Android began going modular which allowed in early development to allow OEMs to send certain portions to governing bodies to run tests at the early infancy of the code. 

I believe it is an LG issue.  Verizon customers have the same issue.

I am also having this issue on 2 devices on T-mobile.

I also have this problem. Not sure who to contact lg or tmobile.

If you contact LG, they will tell you it's a carrier issues.  If you contact T-mobile (or verizon), they will tell you it's an LG issue.  These phones are defective and no one will even look at it.

So I just got off the phone with lg and he walked me through these steps:

1. Go to settings

2. Apps, then app info

3. Press the 3 dots in the top right corner select show system

4. Scroll down and select call screen

5. Select storage then clear data

6. Go back and select force stop

7. Go back and select call services

8. Select storage and then clear data.

9. Reboot phone

I don't know if it fixes the issue but its worth a shot.

Did he give you any information as to what was wrong and what this would do to correct it?  I have spoken to many people about this now and every one of them has said, this is the first I've heard about it. 

I asked him if he had anymore calls about this issue and he said yes. But he took them thru these steps and told them if they continue to have the issue to call back. And they haven't called back. He told me to do the same to call back if I have any issues.

Please let me know if this works.  Mine are reset and in their boxes ready to be sent back but I am holding out for a cure.  I think there is a better shot at a covid 19 vaccine happening first.

As of just now, these are going back and we're getting the galaxy s20s instead.  Too bad...we really like the phones other than their defect.

I bought 2 V60's on the bogo and both are having the same speakerphone issues.  It has happened maybe 3 or 4 times on on mine during conference calls but it has happened to my wife's phone more often.  I'm going to try the steps mentioned above and hopefully that fixes it.

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Have you tried the steps mentioned? Please let us know if they work. Thanks.

I have twice tried the settings from clred94 over the last week or so, and maybe they helped for awhile, but in both cases, the problem came back. At this point, I'd say that they don't work. Has anyone else found that they are a permanent fix?

I also tried disabling the 5G mode, but that didn't help either.

FYI, here is a link to a similar thread at LG that has gone nowhere.

Why does the speakerphone cut off on it's own — LG Community Forum

I tried the clear data steps mentioned above on my phone only and it has happened once in three days which is an improvement but it is not a fix.

I have been on the phone with them a couple times now and I have tried those steps multiple times as well. It hasn't worked for me. they also said that they had never heard of this issue before it which I tend to not believe.

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I checked out the solution on that LG forum. Has anyone transferred apps from a previous phone to their V60? If so, have you tried removing those apps and seeing if the speaker still cuts off?

There is a parallel thread here at TMo and I think the last reply answers your question.

V60 ThinQ Dual Screen: Phone goes to mute while on speaker

>> BUT... the other phone has the mic cutting out during calls when the speaker phone is working. I have gone through and did a factory reset and kept all the extra "phone/mic" apps off of it and have this problem.

FYI, there are also a few threads at reddit about this issue and with similar info, eg same behavior and no fix.

Yeah the first two times I had the issue I had done an LG transfer from my

old device to my new device. Then I decided to try a factory reset and do a

clean install and I still have the issue

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Did you save and re-apply your old settings? That could still be a problem if an errant app changed any settings and you saved them.

After I did the factory reset, I just logged in with my Gmail address and

did a install from a saved backup. I'm not sure if that would apply any

save settings or not.

We got the BOGO and both of us are having the same issue. I have not experienced it on zoom calls and I am doing about 6-8 hours a week of those in my phone but every single time I am on a speaker call I am talking and get a hello, are you there? The speaker stops working I have to turn off speaker and go back on. It's very inconvenient.