LG v60 Thinkq (dual screen): Speakerphone cutting off

I am not sure if this is an OS issue or not, but taking a chance someone will have a fix.  We have two of these phones and they both have an issue where while on speakerphone, it will suddenly and with no discernible pattern or time frame, mute your voice to the caller.  You can still hear them but they can't hear you.  If you take it off speaker, they can again hear you (or use headphones, I was just learned).  Since it's happening on BOTH of our phones and have subsequently found other people online with this issue, they must know about.  Am wondering if anyone has any input on this issue.  thanks!


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Has T-Mobile finally come up with a fix for this problem?  It has been one month since their last update.

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We actually found there were two issues related to the speakerphone muting and the latest update only resolves one of them. This other issue seems to only happen when a call is coming in instead of just randomly, but they're working on an update for that too.

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Try going to settings> about phone> Software information> Baseband version....These are the instructions for a Samsung phone, but yours should be pretty much the same.

Thank you sweetpeach for your information.

However, after clearing the phone cache, the problem still persists.  From what I am seeing, I wonder whether I have the correct patch.  Is there a way of checking patch numbers?  And if so, could someone provide me with the number of the patch that is supposed to correct this issue and where to get it?  This is my first Android phone, and I am not yet familiar with the system.

I want to thank everyone  for their support and I will keep on trying whatever has worked for the posters.  But, so far nothing has solved the problem for me.

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Try wiping the phone's cache after an update.

Thank you diubby.

I have gone to "settings-->system-->update center-->system update-->check for updates (as you mentioned at the bottom right).  My answer is: "your system is up to date".  The system says that I did an "Android security update on April 1, 2020".

But, I still have the cutoff problem. Is there another update, other than this Android one, that I need to get from somewhere else?

Have to click on check for updates.bottom right

David Lubnow

Thank you, Ian.  But, where is this download?  When I go to phone or apps update they tell me that my phone is up to date and nothing downloads.  Is there another way of getting this update?

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There was a software update that improves the experience that just went out, I'd recommend downloading it. But there still is another glitch causing the mute issue when another call or message comes in. Although this only puts the speakerphone on mute. If you're experiencing dropped calls, you'll want to check out the steps in Can't call, dropped calls, & other calling issues | T-Mobile Support .

Any news on this front?  Just today a call dropped off after about 30 seconds.  What are LG and t-Mobile doing about it?

This problem has not gone away.  I have just made 6 phone calls and all of them cutoff after about 20 seconds.  This is after having done an update that did not say what the target problems were. It would be nice if the people on this forum, who seem to know more about updates, were to give a bit of information as to where their updates that target this problem can be obtained; because, so far, nothing has worked.

I couldn't agree more. Even before this update I made numerous calls that

were over half-an-hour where this wasn't an issue. There were other calls

they did it within 10 to 20 seconds. even if this works for the short-term

it doesn't mean it's fixed. and I agree that they should just include this

as part of the update or don't.

I've been critical of the mute issue also but the notes clearly have a link to what's changed. Also, a quick Google of "v60 T-Mobile update" will give you a first result that confirms what's updated.

May 29, 2020

  • Resolves intermittent mute issue on speakerphone
  • Resolves issues with Dual Screen accessory having a black screen
  • Additional bug fixes and updates

I installed "an update" using the phone update feature. And, when I used the phone today, the first call dropped after about one minute.  I have since made two or three calls without interruptions. 

What bothers me is the randomness of the issue.  It would be very frustrating when leaving messages or when giving instructions.  One never knows whether the phone cutoff or not.

My feeling is that LG should clearly state whether an upgrade targeting this problem has or has not been issued.  Lg should also state a time frame as to when we can expect a definitive solution to this problem.

I can confirm that after the update was installed, I have had two 25-min conversations over the speaker phone with no issue. Please note that I am NOT confirming that the update permanently resolved this annoying issue. The jury is still out. I will update this thread in the near future.

Would someone from TMobile confirm or not whether the recent update is supposed to fix the sudden mute problem during the speakerphone mode. And in general, please add more details about what the update is for. It looked like it might cover many items, size is ~460 MB, but the description on the update screen was very generic.

Thanks. I will try on my 4 phones!

David Lubnow

I was able to make calls previously that lasted over 40 minutes and then my next call wouldn't last ten second, it's very inconsistent. I got my update yesterday so we will see you.

What is this fix and where can I find it?

What is this fix and where can I find it?

I installed the update last night and was hoping that it was a fix.  I haven't had a chance to try it but I have multiple conference calls on Monday. Hopefully this is resolved because it is very annoying.

Update that went out fixed my speakerphone issue. It's been working last 3 calls I made. One was a 40 minute call.

For the first time in 15 years i strayed from Samsung and bought the V60 dual screen.  Very innovative phone, but immediately started suffering this mute problem on business calls. I use speakerphone all the time. Having now read several threads about it, I find it hard to believe how LG and Tmobile are responding.  I saw the same on the Verizon forum (LG v60 Dropping Calls and Muting - Verizon Community)​ so it is clearly a LG issue. If LG tries to point the finger at the carriers this is my first and last LG phone. 

STEP UP LG, admit a flaw, work on a fix or stop selling the phone.

4 phones. All have the same speakerphone issue. I am w teacher working Tom home. On hold for over an hour yesterday with t-mobile. Had to hang up. Very frustrated.