LG V60 ThinQ screen or proximity sensor gone wonky and looking for solutions.My

  • 21 October 2021
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My wife’s LG V60 ThnkQ  has either a screen proiblem or a faulty proximity=ty sensor. This manifests it’s self in this way. Numerous times during a a call her phone seems to drop the call. I can no longer hear her but she can hear me just fine. It’s gotten to the point that I just calmly say your “Check your phone” and a few seconds later she will come back and I’ll be able to hear her again. It’s gotten progressively worse since we got the phone. Today, a 3 minute conversation it happened four times and made the conversation twice the length it needed to be. Basically the damn screen just turns on and her cheek will mute the call or call somebody else or who knows what? I have seen references to this issue on Reddit and here as well but if there has been a solution nobody says what it is.

Here is the real problem: She works as a therapist for the city in which we live working with people at risk of all sorts of calamities and really cannot have a garbage phone with non working bits, this has go to stop. Also, we are still on Sprint’s network since when we bought her phone and my Note 20 ultra T-Mobile’s network in our area was as bad as can be imagined so the store put us back on the Sprint network. I’m not sure if that matters but it says give as mush detail as possible.  No, she does have a screen protector even though cell phone screens are about as durable as eyeballs so even though it’s stupid not to have one on the phone we cant really run the risk of that screwing up another feature. If you can offer some advice, please do as we are open to anything. Otherwise I’m going to use the insurance and get another phone. Thanks !

2 replies

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only time i have ran into this with my V60 was while using my shoulder to hold my phone to my head while i was trying to do other things..phones comes away from face...prox sensor senses this and wakes up screen..cheek starts pressing things.

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Trade it in towards a newer and better device.