LGV20 unable to turn on due to being stuck in firmware update

  • 1 February 2019
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So, I've done the following troubleshooting methods, but came across with no results:


removing the battery for 30 seconds, insert battery, plug in charger, turn on phone, soft reset with volume down and power button - this brought me to the screen that said something like "Welcome to unlocking the phone" or something like that..basically telling me if i wanted to unlock my locked phone, which i don't because that would take me off the warranty, and I don't have coverage on my phone. So,trying to avoid doing that.


i also want to try to avoid losing everything on my phone, as i havent done a recent backup yet. if i absolutely have to, then i am left with no choice, i guess.


i've also tried downloading the LG User Support Tool, and followed the directions, but it couldn't locate my device model in the drop down menu, and when i found what could have been the closest one (had a letter off), it still could not be connected to the server.


When i try to troubleshoot through my phone with the firmware update, i was able to somehow get to another screen that listed four options, viewing my phone info (which it wouldnt let me), accessing/connecting to wifi server (it did a quick search, but no results), power off, and then to go back to the previous screen which is the firmware update screen.


Please tell me someone else has this issue and has come to a solution.


prior to this, my phone wasn't charging correctly, while on the charger it would constantly disconnect and reconnect. i restarted my phone one time and it fixed the problem for a week and then started again today. no previous other issues and i am due for an upgrade.

7 replies

Try looking on Android central lg has repair options on their webslite. In the forums I’m seeing when those lg fixes didnt work a not so recommended approach did. Which was wetting the charger end with alcohol one guy used hairspray another water and it worked After they connected it, but I wouldn’t risk shocking yourself lol. It’s a known issue for that lg device. Hopefully this helps.

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Are you sure that that unlock screen isn't just the boot up unlock so that you can get to your home screen? I've never had a phone asked me to unlock it before normally you have to either request a code or use the T-Mobile unlock app. And unlocking the phone is not going to void your warranty. Unlocking the bootloader would void the warranty.

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Using LG UP or LG Bridge will wipe your device in most cases.  Whatever the reason, the firmware isn't updating properly, which isn't as uncommon as we would all like to think.  You could try to sideload the update through recovery from the SD card.  You will have to find and download the correct for your device. 

If LG UP and LG Bridge do not detect ypur device properly with the LG drivers downloaded from LG, you are going to have to flash a complete factory image more than likely using a developer edition if LG UP to get the device working.  Unfortunately, this forum does not permitt flashing instructions or documentation on sideloading updates, recovery, and so on, because there is a risk something could go more wrong.  However, you can head on over to XDA Developers LG V20 section and find out a lot mote info, walkthroughs, troubleshooting guides, and flashing guides to get your device back up and running.

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I see a few other folks shared some great thoughts.  The only other solution may be to do a hard reset with the buttons. I know that's not the ideal choice, but it's the best option as a last resort.

Hey, @bethyboom​!

Just wanted to swing by to see if you've had a chance to try any of the suggestions made by other users yet. Keep us updated if you're still having issues with your V20.

I found a fix.

You have to connect your phone to a computer using LG Bridge. Then under Software Update, there is a blue hyperlink in the bottom right corner that says "update error recovery" click on that link and proceed through the update prompts and your phone will start downloading and updating the firmware update. Your stuck firmware update screen will start moving from 0% to 100% at this time. Your phone should re-start in complete working order.

The update error recovery linked fixed it for me. Thanks!!!