Link to upgrade deals for long-time customers who will be disconnected by upcoming network update

  • 13 January 2021
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Last Friday I got a text from T-mobile saying that due to network updates my Oneplus 1 will no longer connect to the T-mobile network on 2021-01-29 (isn’t 3 weeks too short of a window to be informing a 10+ year old customer that they need to get a new phone?)  The text said I could “Upgrade to a new device On Us with 24 mo. bill credits” with a link to .  However when I go to that page although it says “T-Mobile has some exciting new offers that will be available for some impacted customers” it doesn’t actually say what those offers actually are it does confirm that my Oneplus 1 phone is one of the impacted devices.  Does anyone have any information about what offers are available to the long-time T-mobile customers whose devices will be disconnected from the network soon?  I physically went to a T-mobile store but the rep there didn’t know…  Thanks!

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