locked network at samsung s7 edge

  • 8 October 2018
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i have samsung s7 edge and i want to unlock my phone but the problem is not eligible to unlock it in app (unlock device) for t-mobile (permanently and temporary)

please tell me what can i do to solve this problem


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6 replies

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With a phone like this, specifically a T-Mobile device, there is not a code, but the process occurs through the Device Unlock app.

In order to get eligible, you need to follow SIM Unlock Policy | Unlock Your Mobile Wireless Device .  Specifically, the phone needs to be paid off, your account in good standing (account current, no payment arrangements, no extended payment schedules), and the phone has to be in use for at least 40 days.  This is for postpaid accounts, for prepaid, you must have had at least $100 worth of refills or the device needs to be in use for a year.  There are other provisos to be checked at the above link, but those are the most common issues.


Have you checked the unlocking instructions here SAMSUNG GALAXY S7 EDGE UNLOCKING INSTRUCTIONS - How to Unlock your Phone? You need to enter the network unlock codes.

it is very helpful thanks magentatechie

i checked but i have this message

Sorry, we cannot currently unlock this device - please contact us to see if the unlock will be available soon

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My pleasure! 😀

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Ah, I see.  Are you postpaid or prepaid?  Also, did you purchase it directly from T-Mobile or did you get it from Samsung directly?

You might definitely want to reach out to care as they will be able to specifically see why the phone isn't eligible at this time.  You can call 611 from the phone, use the Message Us link on this page, or contact T-Force via Facebook or Twitter.