Lost capability to text: Contacts show sip:[phone number];user=phone

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I used to text this mobile phone for several months.  I am using a Samsung Galaxy S21.  However, today, the text fails to be sent.  Then, I look at my contacts for the mobile phone number and it is changed to:

sip:[phone number];user=phone


I removed this and updated the contacts with the correct phone number, but the text does not go through and the contacts is changed back to sip:[phone number];user=phone


Any idea what is going on?  I am able to text other people.





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this isn’t weird. this is pathetic that such a major bug has made into circulation. Tmobile FIX THIS GARBAGE NOW!!!!!!!! UNACCEPTABLE!!!!! 

Same issues.  On July 9th I lost the ability to text my parents, but they could text me.  Now when my dad texts me, it comes through as a weird sip message.  Tmobile has done their typical trouble shooting, which did nothing except after the "network reset" i can no longer text a 3rd contact. They're mailing out new sim cards for the 3 phones... 🙄

Going to Tmobile store does nothing.  I went to 2 different ones.  They don't have a clue. There answer is to wait for another update.  It was with their last update when this started.  Tmobile needs to fix this. 

Did a fix for this come up? I am having issues texting one contact. Same as other comments.

No fix for me using the stock texting app. I ended up installing Textra and I don't have the same texting problems.  Not an ideal solution, but it's a work around until tmobile gets their act together.

I have also been experiencing this for about the past week, one contact only, my husband. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't....and when he replies to my messages they usually come through as this weird sip crap. What give TMobile? I pay too much for all my lines for this. Sprint never did this to me!

Same exact issue!  Happened about a week ago.  My husband and I can’t text our daughter.  She can text us but comes through with the SIP # and won’t let me update her contact.  I’ve deleted her contact and try to put her back in, but nothing!  Neither of us can text her. It’s the only contact we have an issue with.  Seems to be families on the same plan have an issue with one contact on the plan who has a different phone.  This is supper frustrating and needs to be fixed TMobile!  We had sprint and never had an issue like this!

I was having the exact same issue.  I called T-Mobile support and talked to three different people, the last one was actually a Samsung Tech (I have a S23).  We figured out that I was using an outdated Messages app (it had the 3 dots on the icon), that had been transferred over from my old S8.  The correct version is the one that has a blue message bubble on the icon.  Hope this helps. 

I also have the texting issue pertaining to "sip:+".  I spent nearly 2 hours on the phone with Tmobile last week with no resolution. They told me they would call me back the next day.   ...still waiting for that callback.   I did, however find a clunky way to text a contact with the issue.   I just text them at: It's not a great solution, but at least I can communicate with them.  Considering how much I pay a month, being able to communicate is sort of expected.

Having the same issue only to one number. This is very frustrating. Got a message from support nothing found ….WHAT????  So just leave me handing?….  We have 3 people who cannot text to this number. Come on T Mobile……FIX THIS

I found a quick fix for this strange problem.

apps: Messages-

Defaults: Clear Defaults


Working now as normal and phone number is normal and not Sip….

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We both got phone updates and everything went back to normal for about 2 weeks. Now, messages to her failing again. This is how it started last time. 

I am also having this problem. My daughter and I text my husband and they fail. My son's text to him ARE going through. Started just in group texts, now every text since Thursday (4 days).

Has anyone found a solution yet?? We've been to Tmobile location 3 times now.

My wife was having this problem on a new S23+ just 1 number like everyone else, I switched her from the Samsung messaging app to the Google and problem solved

I also had to install a new app! I chose Google, too. I don't like it as much, but at least i can text my husband! I do plan to see if the TMobile tech route brewbuddy mentioned helps, too. Just need my to catch up with life for a

Fix it with 

Settings:apps:messages:defaults: clear defaults....this is a Samsung issue not T-Mobile. The system update caused it so please don't blame the carrier blame the maker of the phone.

Another fix is too download in the app store Google  messages. Google LLC. Is the one you want. Use that and set as default. It's a Samsung app problem not T-Mobile so if you hate this problem that much be mad at Samsung. 

I am having the same problem and it only seems to be with one number.

Yes, texting to 1 family member was our issue, as well. We had Samsung phones, texting a non-samsung. Changing to the Google Text app (rTger than phone's default app) worked for us.

Same.  I can't text my Dad, a fellow Android user.