• 24 December 2015
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Yes the countdown is on as I stare at my software update section lol.  Just curious if there's even a hint at a timeframe?

10 replies

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Dream on... 😜

We will have it in less than two years.

LOL true.

Samsung hasn't even released it yet for the international variant although some articles have written that it's out in beta for the UK/Korean versions but the only "leaked" documents from Samsung say JAN 2016.  Usually the US carriers are a bit behind that so wouldn't be surprised if it is February/March although Sprint seems to get a lot of them out first but think that is they don't bother testing them so they can get them out faster just so they can be first and good at least one thing lol.

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You should see how fast their forums get flooded with complaints. Even people coming into their stores complaining(have friends that work at Sprint). I feel sorry for their reps. Sprint shows what happens when they are hands off. They get blamed no matter what happens. Ironically 4 month later there was an AT&T update which didn't have the problems the Sprint and international version had and those devices were also updated to fix those problems. Sometimes it is not always good to be first.

I agree with that first is not always best, I remember 2 years ago with the S4 there was an update and T-Mobile was last and Verizon and Sprint phones were bricking from it, AT&T pulled it like 2 days after they had released it, thankfully T-Mobile hadn't released it and ironically was the first to release it after Samsung fixed it.

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Thanks to @tidbits‌ and @stevetjr‌ for pointing out that it is not always best to be the (proverbial) first person to receive a software update. New software almost inevitably has bugs. As a manufacturer develops the firmware for additional models/variants, it is only logical that they would incorporate bug fixes and other code that to improve the firmware based on issues contained in previous release.

Thanks again for the very sound feedback. Now let's sit back and see how many complaints roll in once the TMO versions of Marshmallow start being received... 😉

Because you know that is inevitable ha ha

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$100 on "T-Mobile just announced the update. Why can't I update right now?"

I read on the darknet that some random guy in a Romanian village got it already.

Normally the first time I'm aware that something is rolling out is I start getting notifications that the content has been updated (like emails that the page has been modified from the system). Then I'll IM the person doing the updates and they say they knew it was coming "soon" but that someone flipped the switch overnight and they're just finding out now that it was actually rolling.

Like every really large business, things always go so perfectly and really smoothly each and every time. If anyone is working for the perfect company that never has any weird stuff, let me know.

On the bright side, I'm super nice I've saved thousands of dollars over my life by just being really nice to the gatekeepers of the brands I interact with just from learning the opposite from my own work life (remember, I took inbound calls for a bunch of years too then I've worked with our forums for 7+ years).