Marshmallow update draining battery

Major battery problems since since updating my V10 to Marshmallow, the battery is now being severely drained by the app  This never occurred under the previous version of Android.  I've tried resetting the phone to factory defaults and re-configuring my mail account to no avail.  Tried using several different apps for email, no difference.  Any app that uses activesync sucks the battery down in less than 8 hours.  The only option I've found is to use IMAP to connect to, but this means only having to wait on polling intervals to receive emails instead of having them pushed immediately to the cellular, not a good option!

Anyone else seeing this behavior? 

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Thanks so much for the information and welcome to Support!

We haven't seen any other reports of an issue like this as of now. Hm. Did you do a full device reset, or just a settings reset?


I did a full factory reset twice, once with a system restore from backup and again without any restore, manually reconfiguring the email accounts.  No matter what I tried, if I used the Android email app to connect to with the Exchange Active Sync connector (the only option in that app), it drains the battery very quickly. (less than 8 hours)

I ended up just using the MS Outlook app to connect and now I get extremely long battery life, typically over 35 hours.

I did not try the Gmail app.


Thanks for the update.

It's not reported as a known issue as of now, but we can certainly pass your feedback along and hopefully that can be used to make improvements in future. I'm glad you found an alternate option. 😊


Lauren, I was able to do some more testing and determined that it's the "Contacts" sync function causing the issue.  If I disable auto-syncing for just the contacts the battery consumption is normal.  When I enable it, it will start syncing the contacts, but never quit.  It looks like it's getting hung in a loop constantly syncing and drains the battery in about 6 hours.  The phone also gets very warm during this non-stop syncing in the area of the camera on back, probably due to excessive CPU usage.  I actually let it run overnight while plugged in and it never quit, just kept on syncing all night long.  The phone was very warm in the morning.  Also found that during this non-stop syncing of Contacts, no email is delivered.  I guess the data channel to is tied up trying to sync the contacts.

The only work around I've found is to disable auto-sync on just the contacts and manually sync them.  The manual sync works fine, just syncs the contacts and quits as expected.  Everything worked fine before the Android Marshmallow update.  It also works fine with the Microsoft Outlook app for Android and all my other Windows PC's sync fine with  I went through all my contacts, but found nothing unusual so I don't think the problem is with


I'm going to go ahead and reach out to our team over LG and see if this has been reported with any regularity, and if there is any solution for it.

Thank you so much for the heads up and hopefully I'll be able to come back with some helpful info.


I'm also having trouble with my lv10 since I updated to marshmallow.  I will take a look at the contact sync.


I checked my phone and it was not constantly syncing. I just tried an experiment.  I watched a 2hr 21 min movie from the SD card.  I even ran it with reduced brightness.  starting at 100% when the movie was over I was down to 32%.  I used to be able to watch almost 6hrs of video before the update