Messaging on Revvl 4+

  • 29 December 2020
  • 1 reply


I recently purchased a revvl 4+ phone for my husband. Today, he came home saying two people sent him pictures but they disappeared. When I looked at the phone in the message app, there was a separate conversation for the images rather than them being in the original conversation. How can I fix this?

1 reply


I’m uncertain, but it is possible to run Messages (Google’s build, not T-Mobile’s) as the default MMS app rather than Messages (T-Mobile’s build, bundled.)

  Relatedly by also happening on a REVVL 4+, I find that alarm apps do not work; even Google Assistant alarms don’t work, past 24 hours.  Not how I wanna be in the moment! This is true even when ‘smart notifications’ is told to go deprecate itself and ‘battery saving’ is told likewise.

caveat emptor, warn a devteam brother (and a sister. Where?) etc.