MMS not being downloaded or sent on Galaxy S5

I'm not able to send MMS messages on my Galaxy S5. I read that the MMS APN address might have changed. Is this correct?


Are there certain APN settings that I need to use?


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OK so i have found a SOLUTION to this problem that worked for me. I hope this works for others. I have a Verizon Galaxy S5 with a t-mobile sim in there.  When i first put in the settings that everyone was giving me, Calls, Text and Internet worked but i could not send/receive MMS/Picture messages.  Here are some settings i found that  worked: (I am talking about adding a new Access point name)

Name:  T-Mobile US LTE


Proxy: Not Set (leave blank)

Port: Not set (leave blank)

Username: Not Set (leave blank)

Password: Not set (leave blank)

Server: Not set (leave blank)


Multimedia message Proxy: Not set (leave blank)

Multimedia message Port : Not set (leave blank)

MCC: 310

MNC: 260

Authentication type : None


APN type:  default,mms,supl,hipri,admin,mobile 

APN Protocol : ipv4/IPv6

APN roaming protocol : IPv4

Bearer: Unspecified

Mobile virtual network operator type: None

press the menu button and click save.  Try to send/receive an MMS/Picture Message

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Hey @djmintifresh,

We definitely want to get this figured out! Our APN settings haven't changed, but there is specific information that needs to be programmed in order for MMS and data to work properly. If your phone is directly from T-Mobile, the APN settings will be automatically programmed in. If you think the settings may have changed, you can reset the APN connection back to the default by going to settings > wireless and networks > more settings > mobile networks > access point names > press menu, and choose reset to default. If your phone is unlocked, we've got the APN settings on our Community to program in the phone: T-Mobile internet & MMS APN settings

Hello, it's been over 36 hours since our last comment so we are now marking this post as assumed answered. You can continue to post, and other community users may respond, but if you would like assistance from T-Mobile or T-Force, please create a new discussion.

This issue remains.  I cannot send MMS messages with my SGS5 while WiFi Calling is enabled and running.  When I turn off my WiFi, forcing the phone to retrograde to cellular service, the MMS sends.

I am also having this exact issue. MMS only works over cellular NW. Wiill not work when WIFI is connected. Send or Receive.

I am having the same problem. I bought mine directly from the tmo store and never works when I'm at home since I always connect to WiFi when at home.

Are you guys using Hangouts for your texting? I've heard that Hangouts doesn't work with MMS over Wi-Fi but that's not verified at this point.

I use go sms.

Ah, I'm almost positive that GoSMS doesn't work with MMS over wifi. Same with Handcent, and a variety of 3rd party apps. You have to use the normal Messaging app on the phone.

worked perfectly on my S3. no issues.

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I have the same issue with Galaxy s5. no MMS on wifi, while having wifi caling always on. I can only connect to wifi , as no 4G from t mobile here. I can barely get 2G, and MMS doesn't work on cellular network here either due to weak signal. it works on t-mobile 4G when I travel.  I am not using Hangouts or other 3rd party SMS/MMS service. I called technical support and they have no answer. they reported this issue to MMSC team. if you get a fix, please share with us . thanks.

No luck here yet. 

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There was an update that was suppose to fix SMS/MMS issues but damaged (software) of the LTE radio so they pulled it. They sent a fix out this morning so will see how that goes

I just bought the Galaxy s5 about 30 days ago. I have been on the phone with T-Mobile IT department for a total of 8 hours so far trouble shooting. I am currently paying over $100 for this service and STILL can not receive MMS messages and phone calls while connected to my WIFI. I have since lost my job because I did not receive phone calls for two days while on call for my job. I am paying extra money monthly for more data because I am scared to turn on my WIFI. I can not believe that this is an issue and T-Mobile customer loyalty will literally do nothing about it. My husband has the Galaxy s3 through Sprint and has no problems what-so-ever. This is by far the most frustrating and ridiculous thing I have ever had to deal with. Obviously, it is still an issue because customers are still complaining about it.

Fix out this morning ? Where can I find it? Clicking update software does not show any new software update. Please let us know if it is out there, how to obtain, and if it resolved mms issue or not.

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If you go to settings and about device you should have a choice to update

although sometimes OTA'S are staggered so the you would have to try Kies

I'm thankful for this thread, but it is NOT ANSWERED!

I thought i was crazy with my MMS not working, and lo and behold it was because of this silly stupidity.

The only thing more stupid than this problem is ASSUMING the problem is resolved if no one bothers to respond. This "assumed solution" is INCORRECT and DOES NOT ADDRESS THE PROBLEM.

instead, it would be FAR MORE LOGICAL to assume unanswered questions are ABANDONED! Without confirmation from the OP, either archive or delete the question!!!! What a MORONIC question/answer premise you have here!!!!


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lolol abm, I love your youtube videos btw 😜

Do you use Hangouts? Cuz if you get on Hangouts and Wi-Fi Calling at the same time then it doesn't send/receive MMS. But that's just one case. I notice the cell network works better for downloading MMS, and if I get throttled for the month, then they don't come in too well.

nah, i don't. i use go sms like someone else in the thread said. turns out, it has nothing to do with your client and everything to do with wifi calling being on. this is nuts.

Picture Message (MMS) troubleshooting: Android

Photo Size Greater than 1mb cannot be sent?

Send an MMS message to the other person using their full 11-digit mobile number, and ensuring the file size of the picture does not exceed the following limits:

  • AT&T - 450 KB

  • T-Mobile and all other carriers - 1 MB

I've been having this problem too. I'm hoping to find some sort of answer. It's aggravating.

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Does this happen all the time or only when on WiFi calling?

I am constantly having trouble sending picture messages. It is so frustrating and embarrassing. When someone asks me to send a pic, my "brand new" samsung galaxy S5 just sits there with that stupid loading sign, then after 5 minutes of trying it comes back, "message failed" This happens every day. I am so fed up. Please what is the problem?

You guys, I figured something out! When my phone is using Wifi, it takes longer for the picture messages to download, but if you turn on Wifi calling then the pictures go through quicker. Weird? But it works. Hope this helps anyone.

Funny thing.  With WifiCalling on, MMS won't come through.  But with WifiCalling off, they do come through.  Note, my Wifi is on. 

I did do the reset defaults for the APN's, if that did anything

This still needs to get resovled.

I HAVE A SOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!

go to this link how to fix 4g lte mms Samsung Note 3 or s4 or other tmbile att phones mega s3 note3 note2 - YouTube

then follow the video directions. Don't worry about the whole switching of the sims and whatnot. Just Watch the video. The first part will apply to those that are trying to figure out how to fix the bugs with at&t, the second part will apply to the TMobile peeps. Hope this helps guys.