Monday will be 4 *weeks* without the marshmallow update

  • 31 October 2015
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Before this marshmallow rollout to the Nexus 6, I was a huge fan of T-Mobile.  That is now waning.  It's ridiculous that it will soon be 4 *weeks* and we are still waiting. 


I don't want to hear about suggestions to side-load.  Part of the service I'm paying for is for T-Mobile to pass along updates.  I'm not going to take on tasks T-Mobile should have handled.


I also don't want to hear about more T-Mobile testing.  Did Google surprise the world with the marshmallow update?  No.  It was known for a long time leading up to the official release.  Whatever T-Mobile is doing should have long been done by the time the rollout was announced.


Notice in the previous paragraph I used the word "whatever"?  What IS T-Mobile doing?  That's another problem here.  We're getting no information whatsoever.  Nothing. 


T-Mobile, my account has 5 phones on it, do I need go somewhere else?

91 replies

Agree completely, add the fact they cannot even get their information pages on updates corrected and it makes you wonder what their Engineers are doing. They even have some Samsung device pages saying they are ready to roll with M. Black hole for Customer Service to give us any real facts.

I didn't know about the rollout to the Samsung devices.  Ahead (?!) of the Nexus devices?

Someone at Google/T-Mobile needs to gets on the ball and start looking hard into this. Nothing should be getting Marshmallow ahead of the Nexus devices. I purchased my Nexus 6 thru T-Mobile.  There is no reason (Is there T-Mobile??? If there is, you sure aren't saying anything!) I shouldn't have this by now.

I can't imagine Google would be happy with their house-brand phones in a line behind Samsung phones. 

Yeah true. This will be the last Nexus device purchased through a carrier. The talk that you get updates just as fast as it is from Google is nonsense. No, the carriers still have to test it. Next they'll add boatware to the update. The one benefit from the carrier is paying on time each month but buying up front from Google is the way to go. I also had two Nexus 6's with issues. I am on my third now. T-Mobile was going to replace the second one but we were going on two weeks waiting for the replacement to ship. Nobody had a clue on when it would ship. I told them to forget it.

Agree completely.   I paid a LOT OF MONEY for a Nexus 6 phone - BECAUSE it was supposed to get the Android updates RIGHT AWAY.   I am currently NOT A HAPPY CAMPER.  Between this and the Experian hack,  I'm quite down on T-Mobile at the moment.

T-Mobile, are you listening?  UPDATE MY PHONE NOW.

I bought my Nexus 6 from Motorola and still don't have the update either. Have tried sideloading but can't get it working.

I bought my phone from Amazon. According to some people, if the phone is unlocked, then we remove the sim, factory reset it and we should get OTA directly from google. I am planning to try this over the weekend. I will let everybody know after that.

I do not have problem of T-mobile testing. But, why they are not letting us know what the hell are they testing. Because of this I am reluctant to sideload  it.

Please do let us know! Be interested in doing that if it works.

And I'm with you. If the release is held up, fine, just say so and why.

I was more than fed up with how these updates are being treated. I still have a couple things I have to do, but I've got the side loading to work AND all of my t-mobile services (hotspot, visual voicemail, etc.) have been working with no issue. I honestly recommend a clean install, my issues with battery draining and call dropping have vanished since a clean install.

@sylgui‌ I had to play around with some of the files for the fastboot flash. Tutorials listed it one way, but with my MacBook Pro I had to do something a little different.

Also have a MBP so probably the same issue you had.

I have a feeling T-Mobile is skipping the 6 upgrade and will push out one with the newest security update this month.

Let me look at the files I was using. I will report back with my finds ASAP.

Alright so I found the tutorial that I was going by, I mis-spoke when I said I had to change some files around, that was to flash my husband's phone prior to find this tutorial.

I'm willing to bet that the OTA gets pushed with Googles new "monthly" update cycle ... 6.0.1 anyone?

Now the key question, if you are right will that OTA be 4 -6 weeks after they announce it is "rolling out" too? May be a lot of valid reasons why this is late but their communication and customer service process is the worst.

The next security update will be 5.1.1 and build LYZ28N I think.

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‌The November security update for 6.0 on Nexus phones was just released.

I'm sad to acknowledge that I, too, am becoming impatient with the length of time it is taking us to get Android 6.0 with no explanation from T-Mobile.  Did they discover an issue that needed correction? I received Marshmallow on my Nexus 9 (WiFi) on 10/14. I received the Marshmallow update on my Nexus 5 (on the other carrier) on 10/18.The Nexus 6 is the first Nexus in a long time that was also carrier sold and again that appears to be a poor decision on Google's part. And yes, I purchased my Nexus 6 from T-Mobile.

Yeah, I was wondering whats up with my 2nd Gen Nexus 7 WIFI model. It has not yet received the 6.0 whenever I was expecting to see it arrive faster. Anyone else out there with a 2nd gen N7 Wifi that has received the update?

I'm in the same boat. I was previously with Verizon and made my switch to T-Mobile because I was sick of Verizon's delays on phone updates. I'd heard T-Mobile was the carrier that pushed out updates the fastest. I've been very happy with T-Mobile and have even gotten 5 people to switch over but this is totally unacceptable. We buy Nexus phones SPECIFICALLY because they're supposed to get updates quickly. If there's an issue that needs to be ironed out that's fine but don't leave your customers in the dark about it. It's very poor customer service and has tarnished my view on the company.

T-Mobile does not control updates for Wifi only tablets. Why would they, when it does not even connect to their network? You need to check with Google on that.

So the problem is Band 12 VoLTE support. That would not effect the N9 (no voice) or the N5 (no Band 12). I do not know what is causing T-Mobile to hold this up for the N6 as I have been successfully using the factory N6 image with Band 12 and Wifi calling for a few weeks now. Yesterday I received my 5X and today it works with Band 12. It has been reported elsewhere that the 5X and 6P will disable Band 12 when it has a T-Mobile SIM. If this is true, it bodes well that Band 12 is not disabled on my 5X. That would mean that T-Mobile has released their hold and hopefully the N6 will start receiving updates soon.

I agree with you on the way that T-Mobile has handled this though. They have acted very much like a carrier and not the uncarrier they strive to be.

Right. I was merely asking if anyone here happened to have a wifi N7. I know it has nothing to do with tmobile. I just thought it was interesting that both of my Nexus devices are now behind even though only one of them is tmobile controlled. 😉

Sorry, I misread your post. As it happens, I own 4 N7 (2013) WiFi tablets. I think as least one of them has received 6.0, but I will need to check to be sure. My kids use the tablets, so I rarely get to see their status.

Cool. No worries man. I would be interested to know though if any of yours have updated.

The worst part about this is that we'll always be at the mercy of carriers unless Google does something about it. I'm tired of it. I've switched from one carrier for that very reason already. It's enough to make me want to switch to an iPhone even though I love Android.

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Buy your device outright from  Google problem solved right?