Moto Z Force 2nd Ed. Short battery life

  • 18 January 2018
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I just came over from Verizon where I had a Moto Z that I charged before bed time, I used it all day moderately on email, news, and 2 hours of Youtube.  That phone still had 35% at days end.

The TMobile new Moto can't make it until mid afternoon without needing a charge.  Can anyone tell me if the external battery pack, sold aftermarket, performs well and if it needs a new phone protector?

Or I could exchange this new device.  Which phone makes it all day with moderate use?

6 replies

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The Moto z had a much larger battery than the z2 force. Doubtful there are any cases that fit the phone with a mod attached. You can exchange within 14 days with a restocking fee.

I will exchange and ask the restock be waived as I entered into this in good faith, and the store staff member said this phone had superior battery life.

I can get one to one-and-a-half days out of mine with light to moderate use.  It seemed disabling the constant wake-ups made the biggest difference (in Moto Display).  I also keep the apps to a minimum.  Before Oreo there was a setting list of start up apps and I uninstalled those running that weren't really necessary.

It is possible you got a lemon, but it may be worth trying the above.

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Hey there! Did you end up replacing your phone or did you get a chance to try the steps that @bajaboojum mentioned above?

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Hi there!

Were you able to use the suggestion above to get the help you need? Please reply back and let us know how things are going. Thanks!

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Howdy! Just wanted to stop by and see how things were going for you. Were you able to make use of the notifications/display settings tweak mentioned above, or did you wind up exchanging the device? We'd love to know how you're doing -- hope your battery life's improved one way or the other! 😊