Motorola Edge 2022 Android 13 When?

  • 14 March 2023
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Anyone know this? I can't find a T-Mobile Android Update page for this phone to check the status.

9 replies

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oddly enough im not even seeing it listed anywhere on the Android 13 page.

A bunch of angry users over at the Lenovo forums for the Motorola edge+ 2022.  Not getting any real answers from Motorola on the issue. My phone is stuck on the February security update even though moto claims the phone is to receive “at least” bi-monthly security updates for three years. I can’t get any feedback about the issue, comments are dismissed and not ever answered.


My thread in the Edge 2022 section of the Lenovo Forums was Completely removed. I only asked the same question as here and it was Completely removed. I read, when I bought the phone that, Lenovo promised 3-5 years of support and Android OS upgrades. This phone has not received one OS upgrade and has barely received any security updates.

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My Moto 5 g5 2022 got an Android 13 update in April 2023.  It solved a couple of bugs I had with Android 12.  I was surprised it showed up so soon.  Maybe an update for you is on the near horizon.

A Moto G5 update before an edge+ update is rather peculiar.  Glad yours has been updated.  I’m more concerned about not getting the bi-monthly security updates. Should have had two updates since February.


When checking the Motorola "Will my phone get the next Android Update"

I get the following response. Not one mention of even one OS upgrade, just security updates.

What is going on? This phone isn't that old and to not even release one OS upgrade... Makes you wonder about the company...

They finally released 13, although it's only got the April security update. It's standard practice for Motorola.  This will be the only version update this phone will get and we'll see about the security updates. At least bi-monthly security updates are supposed to be released for this phone and that is now out the window.


Though others have mentioned the Edge 2022+, this thread is in regards to the Regular Edge 2022. T-Mobile does not have an Edge 2022+. The Regular Edge 2022 has not received Android 13.

Is anyone actually getting bi-monthly security updates with the Motorola Edge 2022??? 


Currently stuck on the following:

Android version 12

Current software version: S2ST32.71-118-4-2-6

SPL 2023-06-01