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Just purchased a TMO branded Moto One 5G ACE. I am a little upset that this new phone does not have the Stand Alone 5G enabled out of the box. After reading all the specs on the Moto webiste, I would have assumed that it would have come enabled since the SA network has been building out for months now. Confirmed that SA is not working based on data, where SA site are now being recorded in my area.

Anyway, does anyone know the schedule for SA being enabled on this phone? 

What about Android 11?




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We don’t have any info saying when/if an update is being worked on to enable that. Looking at the Tech Specs, it’s showing that the 5G feature is Non-standalone. 


If you look at the Motorola site, it says it is compatible with 5G sub6 SA



  • Compatible | supports 5G sub6 NSA, 5G sub6 SA, VoLTE, WiFi Calling, Video Calling

That’s why I purchased this phone. If T-mobile doesn't enable a feature that the the manufacture states is compatible with T-Mobile, then that is pretty crappy and deceiving.

I guess I will wait to bring my other 3 lines from Verizon.



Would the unlocked version of this phone work better than the T-Mobile version? Especially with the 5G SA?

I have been running an unlocked Moto Z4 for the last year on T-MO and it has worked flawlessly. As the Sprint towers were merged into the T-MO back-end, my Moto Z4 picked them up flawlessly, without roaming enabled on the phone. 

I knew that the whole SA network was something new, that why I purchased the T-MO version of the 5G ACE. I figured it would all work better if I had a phone with T-MOsoftware and firmware on it.

I think I may have made a mistake.