Motorola One 5G Ace stuck with Android Version 10

  • 12 January 2022
  • 4 replies


I just purchased a Motorola One 5G Ace. Why am I stuck with Android Version 10?  And why is my version 10 behind 2 months on security patches?  My last update was 1/8/22 and it delivered 11/1/21 security patches.

4 replies

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Ah, that’s no good. You can try steps like wiping the cache then trying the update again after. There’s a chance you might have to reset the device completely to get it to work, but I’d try the cache wipe first.

Check out the Motorola forum on this phone. There is a carrier issue that's holding up the android 11 update, but the security patch you received is the latest one. Before that it had been almost 8 months without a security patch. 


How much longer do we have to wait for T Mobile to approve it?  If I'd have bought an unlocked one from Motorola it would have it by now. 

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once its not full of whatever issues that are causing them to push it back to Motorola to fix. usually its something to do with how its handling the network etc..