Multi Line Settings 2020

  • 31 March 2020
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The digits app is very laggy, if a call comes from personal line unwhile using digital call pauses or drops. Search function in messages is useless really does not work. Makes contacts duplicate. Disables on its own. Manny missed calls/messages. Over all I hate this app. Better off using google voice for free. BRING BUILT IN MULTILINE SETTINGS BACK PLEASE!!!

4 replies

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It has never worked very well. I find it works best selecting only one contact source usually email. The contact list doesn't assemble by itself. It has a bunch of issues and doesn't sync well. It's convenient. Using a pure digital number like Google Voice can operate much better. It would be nice to duplicate a SIM and remove this hurdle but it's illegal. Only one number to one SIM under federal law.

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What phone are you using and what's the software version? If you try uninstalling/reinstalling it, does it behave any better?

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Hey again. Just checking to see if you still need help. Please give us a reply and let us know.

Digits just plain doesn’t work.  I’ve had countless calls that I never get, the voicemails are delayed by DAYS and then you get them repeatedly as “new” even if you listened to them, and you cannot text photos using digits.  Ummm, what is it that I am paying for???  Nothing apparently!

This is all a trick to get you to hate it so you buy a newer phone where mutli line is enabled (like the Galaxy S20 which they can’t sell because it is so expensive, seriously $1000 for a PHONE??).  Multi line settings worked great until the software update removed it and stuck us with this Digits mess.  I am seriously considering a switch to a new carrier after nearly 20 YEARS with T-mobile - this is just pain disrespectful to your customers and pissing me off!