my phone is connected to the internet but it keeps saying check your internet connection and won't load pages

  • 30 September 2016
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I have a ZTE Zmax Z970 and phone is having connection problems even when connected to wifi. It keeps popping up on the screen please check your internet connection and won't load pages.

5 replies

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Happy Friday, @kmherr6!

I'm interested to see if this happens on all WiFi networks or just a specific one? Also, when this happens on a WiFi network how far away are you from the router?


It happens no matter where I'm at. At home I'm in the bedroom next to the router and it still does it. If my wifi is off shouldn't I still be able to get on the internet? It doesn't matter if my wifi is on or off that message that says please check your internet connection keeps popping up on the screen and pages won't load . Also sometimes for a couple days at a time Facebook won't refresh.

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Yes, you should still be able to connect to the internet. The error that you're receiving is due to not having a strong enough signal (from WiFi or our network). This may be location based. Have you traveled further than 10 miles from home and still received this error message? Do you know of any other T-Mobile users in your area that have the same issue?


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Just checking in to see if you still  need help. If so, give us a holler back so we can assist you further.


Using wifi and my data and keep getting check your internet connection and I just put in a new sims card and plus my coworker has tmbile and have no problem with service wasn't like this until your company merge with sprint now the service is crap