My Tips on Phone Maintenance

  • 10 April 2019
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For Android & T-Mobile users,

Phones today are getting more expensive and the average user lifetime is under 3 years. If you're paying $700+ for a phone, I would want to get every penny worth of it.

These are just a few suggestions that I think a lot of people should do, and most don't, but it'll keep your phone running smoothly.

1. Check for Software and App Updates daily:

To keep up with Security software, keeping up to date on the latest software of all applications and software is highly recommended. Bugs and performance enhancements are pretty much embedded in updates.

2. Restart and/or turn off your phone then power on Daily:

This refreshes your network connection, is beneficial for the CPU and keeps apps running smooth. I recommend restarting both your computer and phone after any installation or update.

3. Clear the cache and junk:

Samsung phones have Device Maintenance which is a very helpful app. You want to be able to keep your phone at 100, and it's easily done. LG has a similar app, Smart Cleaner, but I'm not fully familiar with it. The best 3rd party app is Droid Optimizer in the Google Play store (free). Clean your phone daily.

4. Beware what you install:

Even if it had made its way into Google Play, 100,000 apps are removed monthly from oversight. Malware loves to hide in apps that are or appear to be: games, free services, photo editing, and even antivirus software. Best using your native apps or trusted Developers in the Play store (Microsoft, etc)

5. Backup, every day

Use one designated cloud for a specific thing. For example if you have a Samsung phone, use the Samsung cloud. You can also use Photobucket, OneDrive, Dropbox, MEGA cloud and more are available and usually free storage is enough.

6. Keep Lookout active

Every T-Mobile phone has Lookout or McAfee. Lookout is superior to me, and simple to add features to find your phone and prevent theft.

7. Keep your battery level between 65-99%

Lithium ion batteries are volatile and easily erode. To keep your (probable) sealed in battery at it's full capacity ideally you want a consistent charge/discharge behavior to prevent the unused ions from eroding. When it drains low, below 30%, you are probably losing charge cycles that the battery is capable of. Keep a charger handy. If not needed, avoid a fast charger. I recommend using basic charging for overnight.

8. Be vigilant

Rarely do problems just disappear. If your phone is freezing, unable to last more than a couple hours, or something; best to fix it now, in case worse things happen.

Feel free to shoot me any questions!

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Personally, any of these optimization and antivirus apps, including Samsung's, are bloatware!  They slow your device down when they are running and don't serve any decent purpose.  Most users only imstall respectable apps from the PlayStore.  Even those of us who sideload apps and root, know where to get their apps from to ebsure they come without any malware.

I have devices that are years old and haven't slowed down because I took the time to ditch the junk installed as system apps.  Facebook's 4 services, Twitter, Instagram, Samsung's massive amount of included bloat (for those with Samsung devices), YouTube, and many more.  The bloat list for every device varies but there are also a lot of common apps installed that people don't need, want, or use. 

ADB is a command line interface for Android that is commonly used to properly flash a device or install or uninstall apps.  Yes, that includes system apps.  Whether or not you use those apps isn't the point though.  Accessing those things through your web browser on your device only uses one app.  Apps like YouTube Vanced remove ads as well if you must have super easy access to YouTube.  If you don't want to remove these apps, at least fisable them. 

Going back as far as my Nexus 6P, it still oerforms as well as it did the last time I flashed and debloated it, which was years ago.  My Note 8, S9 Plus, LG V30, Note 9, and Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 all run the same as the day I took them out of the box and removed all of the pre-installed junk they came with. 

A factory reset, especially after a major OS update, is a good thing!  Taking that one step further, factory flashing with wipe major updates will keep your device feeling snappy.  If you flash or factory reset, you will need to debloat and or disable junk once again, especially if you want to use the same device for a few years at the very least.