New Samsung S9, Feb. 1 Android security update???

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After a career in the software industry, my experience is that most anything can be fixed via software (other than exploding batteries, of course), given the right team working on it. While I'm not using the S9 at the moment, I'm not ready to dump it quite yet, a carrier change might be in order, though. My wife's on Verizon, I can join her for about $20/month. As a result of your posting, I will take a serious look at what other carriers are doing with their S9. The fact that Samsung has released the bulletins for the Android updates through the June one tells me that T-Mobile has some catch-up to do, not that it's impossible to do, not yet. I've learned not to panic about these things, I'll do that later on *smile*.

But each to their own. I do like the iPhone 8. Bought it when it came out, at least partly because I knew that Apple would support it, and it's fast and comfortable. Then bought the S9 when it came out for the larger screen on an iPhone sized phone. And the promise of the monthly Android updates that I got on the Nexus 6P and Pixel phones that I had. Every month directly from Google, around the 5th of the month *smile*. Oh yeah, and band 71 on the S9, an investment in T-Mobile on my part.

Anyways, I'm planning to exercise some patience while enjoying using the iPhone. I'll panic later on *smile*.

Update: Verizon has the 5/1/2018 update available for the S9. So at this point, it seems that Verizon is doing a better job of supporting the S9. T-Mobile can do it, too, if they really work on it.

I'll just leave this here

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Software Update | Verizon Wireless

Even if T-Mobile wants to play catch-up and releases the June patch, this does not absolve anything. We need *consistent* *monthly* security patches.

Well that's a punch in the gut..... Two updates in like a week.

Just google searching " samsung galaxy s9 security patch " I found 3 new articles written today about this issue alone. Shameful.

Looks like Verizon is the place for a Samsung S9 owner to be. Too bad.

I just got off the phone with Samsung. I'm being told by their senior tech (basically, the guy next to the girl I spoke to) and they told me I would have to contact Google because they have no control over the updates which is a lie. So if you were hoping to get an update on June 16th ... Samsung says they don't have anything for us. They are waiting for Google. Maybe just another bad couple of lying reps that are clueless but there's no way I'm contacting google LOL!!! T-Mobile, out with it. Tired of the blame game circle. This one was so ridiculous that I'm sending it in to any and every person who wrote an article about this issue. They could get away with it pre-project treble but this year they are gonna really get it hard.

This guy wrote a very good article that's simple and to the point...and they keep coming!!! 3 new articles today alone that I've seen! Unfortunately he doesn't mention that the  Unlocked S9+ also hasn't received any security updates either. I can't wait til this goes mainstream. Too many articles to ignore this year due to companies like Samsung who think Project Treble isn't important and expect us to believe it's Googles fault they aren't on the ball. Sammy is gonna be center stage for the public shaming and I CAN'T WAIT!!! LOL!!!

Just look at a simple search on google now...

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To those following this thread:

We won't be rolling it out over the weekend. Given the history, I'm sure you can all understand our desire to have all hands on deck. However, pending nothing new pops up in testing all security patches will be caught up through June, soon.

A couple of house cleaning items.

First: We don't open up downloading for everyone getting the update in one sitting. We don't want to black screen of death, or boot loop, millions of users all at the same time if something slips by. The amount allowed each day is dependent on several factors, but we typically see around 5% push (Auto Update) and allow up to around 5% pull (Manual Software Download) day one and increase allotment as we go. If our content here on Support says an update is available, but you can't pull it down, chances are the daily allotment has been reached. Try back the next day. Mmk? After a couple days of 'no news is good news' the flood gates open and everyone is brought into the light.

Second: We typically launch the updates very early in the morning. That way those of you who receive Auto Updates get the update while you're sleeping and there's little impact. This is a pretty typical practice used by others like Windows, Xbox, Play Station, etc. If you don't have Auto Updates turned on, and you wake up at 9 am PT, chances are those on the East Coast gobbled up the Manual Update slots for the day. Please don't ask how the system prioritizes 'push' updates. I don't know. So... Either be awake at 2-3 am PT and spam the manual download option, or turn on auto updates and try each day once it's available. Not having auto update turned on reduces your chances of getting it sooner since you aren't available for the push event. I hope that makes sense.

That's great to hear thanks for giving us a bit of hope. I hope nothing stops this rollout!

I've been lurking on this, and every other Galaxy S9 update thread I could find, and registered just to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, tmo_nic! You don't know how much those of us that have been seeking information and answers on the lack of S9 updates appreciates your transparency and willingness to actively communicate with customers! Your posts, and all the follow up you have provided is greatly appreciated!

I'm also glad, (as I'm sure others here are too) to hear that barring any major catastrophes the June update shouldn't be too far away.

Thanks again!

Curious Nic, now was that post supposed to mean that there IS an update getting released this week, that maybe this time around its looking like a release is underway, or was it just a means of pacifying us? With an unlocked variant I don't even know if I'm able to get any update from you regardless. However, if Samsung is really going by some rule that once all of the carriers have certified/approved an update only then will those of us with unlocked variants will get updated, it puts us one step closer to getting something. Since all we are asking for are security patches and the only two major GSM carriers ar still stuck on February patches while the CDMA variants are doing fine, it has me thinking something is wrong with these phones on networks that are primarily GSM. We would all be on the same variants as Europe with the Exxynos chips (all of which are getting updated) if it weren't for the CDMA carriers here. Correct me if I'm wrong. After reading this...

... I can't help but wonder what is wrong with our phones.

>it has me thinking something is wrong with these phones

I have the same feeling. Looks like something prevent updates and Samsung just can't find how to fix it.

Once after it's been 6 months and no updates, Samsung will have to come clean with it and it won't be pretty. Yeah, it took a while on the CDMA networks but they have updates now. Snapdragon variant was made for them so that makes sense. Exxynos variants seem to be doing fine in GSM-ville planet earth. So It makes no sense at all unless you consider a hardware issue in the U/U1 variants. Bootloops in April, a temporary hold for 2 months on Tmobile, it smells broken. Samsung has some crazy long threads on this problem. They really have no answer either. They're hiding something and either tmobile or At&t need to force them to come clean. Murphys law here.

Alcms razor I meant lol

Think of it this way, At&t doesn't have to worry about newly acquired bands, nothing special. These phones are made to support bloat etc... it's the fact that Samsung is playing dumb, tmobile and At&t both have to have their best teams on this and nothing has come out... before pushing us an update thats a patchwork of bandaids and boogers, if they have any soul at all, they'll out Samsung. Expect something fun in the news. Over and out.

I really don't care about the patches anymore for this phone, I don't expect them. I'll use another phone. What I want now is Samsung getting forced to answer. Ok, now I'm done.

"We won't be rolling it out over the weekend. Given the history, I'm sure you can all understand our desire to have all hands on deck. However, pending nothing new pops up in testing all security patches will be caught up through June, soon."

I think we were trolled lol. The S8/S8+ got June this week so I'm thinking this is what he was referring too lmao. 😢

Yeah it was just to shut us up for a while. Time to get back to it. Samsung just told me again that the updates go direct from Google to the carriers.  I don't believe anything they say either , But if they have been sending updates to T-Mobile and T-Mobile along with AT&T are unable to get these phones working, we need to know something. I want to know so I can sell this phone,  So that I'm not walking around with a device riddled security holes. Samsung, Google, T-Mobile, AT&T, whoever they've all had ample time to get these devices up-to-date but apparently because of some kind of flaw, these devices cannot be updated.

This is funny. Here is an example of how people out there get really misinformed about a firmware release just because they don't know how important a single odd digit is when looking at a the baseband... tell me if you spot the discrepancies LOL!

Hint: There's a 5 where a 6 should be if the article were true..., but there's a 9 where an 8 should be because the article is wrong!

See it? lol , smh. 

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Hi Everyone,

Tonight at 10 p.m. PT the update will roll out. We're in the process of updating our content to reflect that both the S9 and S9+ June security patch.

In response to the previous comment, Landeus, I don't placate or pacify people. I was serious when I said it was coming. Just needed to hold my tongue for a day or two longer while we confirmed testing. 😊

Best regard, all.

Software updates: Samsung Galaxy S9+

Software updates: Samsung Galaxy S9

Are you sure the update sizes listed on the S9+ page are correct? Seems like a very small jump from RC6 -> RF4 (175.56MB) on the S9+. Where as the jump from RC6 -> RF4 (561.75MB) on the S9 is so big?

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Yep, I'm sure. Checked a couple times to be sure. Doesn't happen often, but it does happen.

Finally, the update was released and already installed....

BUT..... the update messed the camera app. When switching the modes, you can hear the camera sounds of switching the aperture or the second camera. The slow mode option displays the camera/screen completely dark....

Great job again Samsung / Tmobile. Another update that will be placed on hold

Are you able to provide details as to what was updated on both the S9 and S9+. On my S9, received the 748.77 MB update (RBG to RF4). It's got to be more than just security updates at that size??