New Samsung S9, Feb. 1 Android security update???

Okay, this is April 7. My phone says that I'm on the Feb. 1 Android security update. These security updates are important to users, when can we expect the next "monthly" Android security update now that we're 2 months behind?

Should I have gotten the Google Pixel 2 phone instead of this one? I'm starting to feel that way. According to the research that I did before buying this phone, I was under the impression that Samsung had said that they would deliver an Android security update every month. So is it Samsung or T-Mobile that's the hold-up here?

What can I expect? Quarterly is just not good enough, if it even turns out to be quarterly.

Is there a manual method for this, like an image that I can sideload to get the latest security updates? If I unlock my T-Mobile S9 the first opportunity that I get, will that help me be able to install an image that I can get on the internet? Or am I just hosed when it comes to all those Android security exploits that I see are getting fixed every month?

I'm really frustrated...


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Hey, @danielfrimer​! The S9 should be caught up with the April security release. The employee can verify the software version of their S9 here along with steps to get the latest update.

Haven't had an update since January 2019.  My employee policy requires the March 1st update.  How does a new samsung phone less than a year old not get consistent updates?

Finally the update today on my unlocked Samsung Galaxy S9+ to version G965U1UES2ARF4. It was 351.18MB in size and the first update since February 2018. Improved security and possible improvements for device stability and new and / or enhanced features  and performance. So far, no issues with testing.

It looks like it would break Caller ID so you would need to subscribe to their service along with the bootloader issue where you cannot got back to stock.

Well visual voicemail (T-Mobile's app) never worked 100% right for me on this phone. I would get "can't reach server" messages, but I can get messages. Maybe you know what I mean?. Its the same now. Wifi calling works fine, I didn't see any bloatware. I had a few T-Mobile apps that i put on there beforehand (vvmail, tmo account app, digits, tuesday app). I don't know about the bootloader version but I did read the same thing. I won't know unless I either try (which might brick it). I think it has something to do with version 1 gets changed to v2 or something. I wish i could be more help but its a risk. Eventually I intend to sell this thing anyway, so I couldn't care less lol. Most people just text, post pictures on social media, and play with facebook, no concern about software, patches, etc... I can't tell you how many times someone will ask me to show them how to do something on their phone and I always look at the notifications bar and see a pending update. Every time. No joke. If the phone works and its pretty with no scratches, its as good as it is old. I'll see if i can find out the boooader version. You got me curious now.

Hi, thanks for the info. Do you get the T-Mobile bloatware when you switched to the U from the U1? Does your Voice Mail still work like before? I read one of the XDA's for the S9+ could break the voicemail and it would change the bootloader version to where you couldn't go back to stock once you go that route.

I went to Updato and found the ARBG baseband firmware that would've been the T-Mobile version of what my SM-G965U1 was running. It might have been the release version since Samsung did send out an update with the same baseband and same February patch early on that fixed some bug with the camera i think. Well, anyway, I got Odin from XDA and replaced the SM-G965U1 firmware with the SM-G965U (TMB). It actually changed made the model number a U and not s U1 which I didnt expect. Thinking I had done the trick, I tried OTA to see if anything would come show up... nothing did, I don't know why or if it will ever work. So next I hooked the phone up to Smartswitch and finally I saw the "update available" message show up on my laptop. I let Smartswitch do its thing and I now have ARF4 with the June patch. Yay! Now I will say there was one anomaly that I can't explain. The first attempt with Smartswitch might have failed for some reason, I wasn't paying attention. After I thought it was finished, I looked and the update never happened lol. So, I reconnected the phone and tried a 2nd time and it went through without a hitch. There does appear to be a couple differences between the U and U1 versions but nothing major. I don't know if this means I'll have to use Smartswitchfor every update or not. The way I look at it is that, if possible, and that's a big "if", I'll probably go back to the original FW whenever Samskunk ever gets around to gracing us with their precious and immaculate 1st ever update for the abandoned US unlocked variants. I didn't want to download the FW from Updato but they appear to have a good reputation if XDA recommends them. Sammobile is who I would've used but now you have to make a free account and the downloar will take a day to just download... unless you pay. Um, no thanks lol. Good luck if you try it. I've done worse things on my lifetime. Also, it made me feel a little better about the whole thing considering the update from Smartswitch was gigantic. I wanna say as big as the entire firmware. Can't remember though. If you do it and catch that update size, can you hit me back? Thanks!!!... and hope it helps.

Hi, how did you find a download for the SM-G965u1. All I saw was for the cellular network, not specifically US unlocked. Did the update go smoothly using Odin and does everything still work like it should? I do have the S9+. This is my first Samsung Phone and it will be my last...……...

I never got the update because, like you, mine is unlocked. So... I used Odin. It’s the only way and Inteust XDA about as much as I trust T-Mobile and way more than Samsung. Samsung, they’re a hot mess. They have the worst customer service and honestly, other than the nice build and screen on this S9+, the camera is way over hyped (I literally prefer my 4 year old LG to this when it comes to pictures),  the software and support has been atrocious. My last Samsung ever. Maybe now that the main 4 carriers have updated at least once, I think, perhaps in a few weeks to a month there will be an update for the unlocked. Cheers!

Will those of us with the unlocked US versions get this update too and if so when?

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Sorry to say, but, it appears to be just you so far Bluefire25.  😥

Basic troubleshooting after a security update is to perform a Wipe Cache Partition (least invasive solution) which has an incredibly high success rate of resolving issues. If that doesn't work then a Master Reset (most invasive) will increase your success rate. Some times the update gets corrupted during download and requires an exchange (Very rare - but it has happened).

The typical reason these issues impact people intermittently is existing Apps store file locations or names (cached) to speed up their boot sequence. When those files move, change names, etc. as a result of the update the Cache is looking for something that either moved, or doesn't exist any more. These cache issues don't always prevent the device from booting depending on whether they are critical to device boot. Wiping the Cache Partition / Master Reset will force the device to dump the old data, find the new data, and cache it again.

I'm not saying there's isn't a problem, but, my S9 and S9+ are working, I've checked with several others who have the devices with various third party software who all got the update without issue. In addition, we have a method for issues to be sent up the chain internally. No reported issues at this time. If after those troubleshooting steps you still have an issue please call for further support.

Are you able to provide details as to what was updated on both the S9 and S9+. On my S9, received the 748.77 MB update (RBG to RF4). It's got to be more than just security updates at that size??


Finally, the update was released and already installed....

BUT..... the update messed the camera app. When switching the modes, you can hear the camera sounds of switching the aperture or the second camera. The slow mode option displays the camera/screen completely dark....

Great job again Samsung / Tmobile. Another update that will be placed on hold

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Yep, I'm sure. Checked a couple times to be sure. Doesn't happen often, but it does happen.

Are you sure the update sizes listed on the S9+ page are correct? Seems like a very small jump from RC6 -> RF4 (175.56MB) on the S9+. Where as the jump from RC6 -> RF4 (561.75MB) on the S9 is so big?

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Hi Everyone,

Tonight at 10 p.m. PT the update will roll out. We're in the process of updating our content to reflect that both the S9 and S9+ June security patch.

In response to the previous comment, Landeus, I don't placate or pacify people. I was serious when I said it was coming. Just needed to hold my tongue for a day or two longer while we confirmed testing. 😊

Best regard, all.

Software updates: Samsung Galaxy S9+

Software updates: Samsung Galaxy S9

This is funny. Here is an example of how people out there get really misinformed about a firmware release just because they don't know how important a single odd digit is when looking at a the baseband... tell me if you spot the discrepancies LOL!

Hint: There's a 5 where a 6 should be if the article were true..., but there's a 9 where an 8 should be because the article is wrong!

See it? lol , smh. 

Yeah it was just to shut us up for a while. Time to get back to it. Samsung just told me again that the updates go direct from Google to the carriers.  I don't believe anything they say either , But if they have been sending updates to T-Mobile and T-Mobile along with AT&T are unable to get these phones working, we need to know something. I want to know so I can sell this phone,  So that I'm not walking around with a device riddled security holes. Samsung, Google, T-Mobile, AT&T, whoever they've all had ample time to get these devices up-to-date but apparently because of some kind of flaw, these devices cannot be updated.

"We won't be rolling it out over the weekend. Given the history, I'm sure you can all understand our desire to have all hands on deck. However, pending nothing new pops up in testing all security patches will be caught up through June, soon."

I think we were trolled lol. The S8/S8+ got June this week so I'm thinking this is what he was referring too lmao. 😢

I really don't care about the patches anymore for this phone, I don't expect them. I'll use another phone. What I want now is Samsung getting forced to answer. Ok, now I'm done.

Think of it this way, At&t doesn't have to worry about newly acquired bands, nothing special. These phones are made to support bloat etc... it's the fact that Samsung is playing dumb, tmobile and At&t both have to have their best teams on this and nothing has come out... before pushing us an update thats a patchwork of bandaids and boogers, if they have any soul at all, they'll out Samsung. Expect something fun in the news. Over and out.

Alcms razor I meant lol

Once after it's been 6 months and no updates, Samsung will have to come clean with it and it won't be pretty. Yeah, it took a while on the CDMA networks but they have updates now. Snapdragon variant was made for them so that makes sense. Exxynos variants seem to be doing fine in GSM-ville planet earth. So It makes no sense at all unless you consider a hardware issue in the U/U1 variants. Bootloops in April, a temporary hold for 2 months on Tmobile, it smells broken. Samsung has some crazy long threads on this problem. They really have no answer either. They're hiding something and either tmobile or At&t need to force them to come clean. Murphys law here.

>it has me thinking something is wrong with these phones

I have the same feeling. Looks like something prevent updates and Samsung just can't find how to fix it.

Curious Nic, now was that post supposed to mean that there IS an update getting released this week, that maybe this time around its looking like a release is underway, or was it just a means of pacifying us? With an unlocked variant I don't even know if I'm able to get any update from you regardless. However, if Samsung is really going by some rule that once all of the carriers have certified/approved an update only then will those of us with unlocked variants will get updated, it puts us one step closer to getting something. Since all we are asking for are security patches and the only two major GSM carriers ar still stuck on February patches while the CDMA variants are doing fine, it has me thinking something is wrong with these phones on networks that are primarily GSM. We would all be on the same variants as Europe with the Exxynos chips (all of which are getting updated) if it weren't for the CDMA carriers here. Correct me if I'm wrong. After reading this...

... I can't help but wonder what is wrong with our phones.