New update for the LG V30

Ok we have a new LG V30 update, H93220J (documented at Software updates: LG V30/V30+ ) - trying to pull it down via the Bridge now, but having trouble because I live out in the boonies and my 'net sucks.  It appears to be 2.8+ gigs!  Anyone gets it, please pass along here what it's packing!

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Okay, disregard the 2 gigs, that was the Bridge's attempt to do error recovery on the original Oreo upgrade (read the help files!).  But the announcement is still valid.

I got it this am and it was a little under 500 MB.  Curious to see if Bluetooth and Wifi are working better. 

I am still on "N" -- looking forward to hearing you experience with the latest "O" upgrade....

Sorry, never saw your response... I've had very very good experience with Oreo, fast, no crashes, great battery life.

Thanks -- I made the leap about a month ago and I am having the same

experience -- very stable and improved battery life.

I didn't fool around with trying to let the environment upgrade -- after

installing the upgrades and did a master reset and reinstalled from a

Google backup. Took about an hour to reconfigure stuff. I documented my

procedure and outcome in another post.