"No valid SIM CARD"

  • 4 November 2017
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I keep getting this message and Tmobile sent me a new SIM card and the phone keeps saying this.  Sometimes I can text and sometimes I can't.  Same with calling out or receiving calls.  Called LG.  They says it's the SIM Card Tray, and that I can purchase the tray at any Tmobile.  Anyone else having this issue?

4 replies

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Which model LG phone?  Tmobile doesn't sell trays. They have sum adapters with SIMs.

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Eek, @cpdolan​, that's not an error message you want to see! Which LG device are you using, and how long have you had it? Has it done this since you first started using the phone, or did it just start suddenly? Did LG advise why they think the tray is the issue? @snn555​ is correct that we don't retail trays or have replacement parts, our warranty exchange process would be for the whole phone (unless there's a removable battery, in which case the customer holds on to the battery and back cover and we swap out the brains and body of the phone only). Have you had a chance to bring this by the store to have anyone take a look at it physically, to see if maybe the tray isn't properly reinserted?

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Hi there! We just wanted to check in with you regarding this SIM card error message you were seeing and see how things are going. I know I asked about 400 questions above, sorry if that was daunting! If you're still having trouble we'd love to know a little more about what's happening -- or if you were able to solve it, awesome! Thank you. 😊

Happy Saturday, @cpdolan​!

While I hope you're still not seeing the SIM error, it's possible it's still there. If it's still occurring, please take a look at the questions Marissa and @snn555​ asked so we can get to the bottom of this.