Non-VoLTE phones to be dropped?

  • 31 July 2020
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There’s a lot of press saying that non-VoLTE phones will be kicked out of TMobile in the next few months?  My family travels a lot and we always buy unlocked dual-sim phones.  Recently we bought a Samsung Galaxy M30 dual sim and I looked up the IMEI at your website and looks like it doesn’t have VoLTE.  What would be our option? Throw out this new phone?

6 replies


Honestly, since T-Mobile is a GSM carrier, I don’t think so. Metro by T-Mobile still supports my Moto e4 (not Plus) still works fine on T-Mobile. I actually use an AT&T reseller (h2o) with a force-unlocked LG K40. So no, I think you’ll be fine! Happy travelling.


Digital Trends, Android Authority, TMOnews and other publications were pretty clear in their reports.

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If the phones don't support Tmobile VoLte tthey won't work in January.

XDA had an article and listed an app that can let you know if your phone will support it.


I think T-Mobile should give customers a couple of years worth of heads up before making such disruptive decisions like pulling the plug on millions of phones in their system.  One year is not enough time to recoup our investments on our unlocked phones.  

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Most of the major carriers are also discontinuing the service.

Most of the articles I’ve read about the January 2021 dropping of non-VoLTE devices cite a leaked internal memo. Has there been any official announcement from T-Mobile to their customers about the fate of our non-VoLTE phones?