Not all Samsung SIM cards are equal

  • 27 October 2021
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Make sure the SIM card that comes with a new phone purchase, is activated and installed into your new phone. Swapping a SIM card from your old phone to a new phone does not produce the desired results.

Been a T-Mobile customer for almost 15yrs. Recently I upgraded to a Samsung A52 5G from a Samsung J7. The sales person helping me took the SIM card from the J7 and installed into the A52. First I noticed the A52 battery was draining way faster than my J7 did, and I was having issues sending/receiving text msgs - when I went back to store, sales/customer service reps said that phone and battery were behaving as expected?!?!? Then I received a notification message that I could not clear: Carrier Hub “MCM client requests are processing:….  however my A52 phone did not have this APP installed therefore I could not uninstall as advised. Finally, another trip back to the store talked to a different sales/customer who suggested that the issues may be caused by an incompatible SIM card. Viola! Once they activated the SIM card that came with the A52 phone and installed it, I no longer have battery draining or text messaging issues OR Carrier Hub notification msgs. Not all Samsung SIM cards are equal

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might also depend on whether your J7 was 5G capable or not..if it was not then it would need a SIM card that is 5G capable.