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  • 20 October 2021
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Why is it that my S20 Note 5G keep going to "do not disturb"? I have never put it on that setting it automatically goes to that when I start to drive it don't get any alerts my music won't play. I have deleted the do not disturb I have also canceled it I've tried everything and it keeps popping up I use this phone for work and to be honest it's the worst phone I've ever had I miss my S10+ soooooo much. Oh yeah when the do not disturb does kick on it says up at the top that it's coming from Google play services and I've been all through play services and can't findnot even close . This is not my only problem with this phone for some reason Tmobile is saying this phone is not compatible with 5G which I'm going to include photos of both issues in hopes I can get an answer cause no one at the Oceanside,  CA store can figure it out no even how to get it to stop going on "do not disturb".please help


1 reply

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That’s odd. If this is a device you got from T-Mobile, I don’t see any reason it would give you that error. If there wasn’t any 3rd party OS or program that was downloaded to change anything with the software, you could double-check the software version and make sure it’s running on the latest. If you have downloaded any 3rd party apps recently, you should remove them for a moment to test and see if you’re still having these issues. You can do a cache wipe then a full reset would follow. The reset would be a last resort as I know it’s not a favorite thing to do. But, it could help and we do want this issue to be resolved, so it’s worth a shot.