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  • 1 June 2020
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I transferred all of my data to my new Samsung A20. When I try to make a call or text it says Not registered on Network.


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Did you put your SIM card in it?  Is your SIM inserted the correct way?  Is your SIM activated?

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We're you able to try syaoran's suggestions? We also have some additional steps to try here: Signal issues / no service troubleshooting | T-Mobile Support

This is also happening to me, and, I also randomly receive the "server unreachable" error.  I have brought it back to TMobile several times and they have replaced the SIM card...STILL...nobody knows how to fix this.  I had a ZTE that worked perfectly...this Samsung is a piece of garbage...


I had the exact issue, with the same phone. I now have a Samsung A20 too.  TMo technician had me change the mobile network to work better with the tower in my area. The tower is LTE/3G and 4G.  I needed to change my settings on phone to be LTE/3G.  What I had previously was LTE/2G/3G.  My tower is heavily trafficked and needed to be able to communicate better with my phone.

Again….change your mobile network on your settings to agree with your tower, most likely LTE/3G. 

Call a Tmo tech - not a rep - but a technician if you need help doing this.