Note 10+ 5G GPS & Battery Issues/Problem


I just picked up the Note 10+ 5G from T-Mobile on launch day, and I'm having major issues with the phone's GPS.  From searching online, it appears this is a known problem that was resolved on the Verizon version with a patch that was issued back in October, but seems to have been left out of the T-Mobile version.

The phone will not obtain or maintain a GPS signal lock if you have the network set to 5G.  It also struggles to get a GPS signal when in 4G mode too.  Google Maps/Navigation and Waze both report "unable to connect to GPS", which leads me to believe it's a system issue with Android 10 or the firmware.

I found threads reporting the same issue on the Samsung Community​ and XDA,

I'm disappointed this bug wasn't addressed earlier like it was on Verizon.  At least I got the Note via JoD, so I'm jumping back to the "regular" Note after my 30 days is up if this is not fixed soon.


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I just my Note 10+ 5G from T-Mobile on Tuesday 12/17th.  I have the same issue not connecting to GPS on 5G.  I am able to connect to GPS using LTE.

There was an update today.  I installed no help

I'm having the same issue too on mine but they didn't leave out the T-Mobile varient for the October patch update that had for the Verizon varient it's more like its hasn't came out yet.

You ha e to remember that thus problem is a 5G issue and the T-Mobile Galaxy Note 10+ 5G has a different 5G chip so the Verizon patch would only fix the 5G issues with the Verizon chip. They just need to come out with a patch update that fixes the T-Mobile 5G chip.

I'm also having issues with very poor data service in general and certain locations I go in Orange County not in a rural area but major cities I will loose 5G or even if I'm connect to only LTE I will loose that and all my signal bars will dissappear and then the bars come back on. Then they will dissabbear again each time when doing that it will say something like no network available.

I do GrubHub for a living and I have to rely on GPS and I can't currently work because of these GPS issues! I can only imagine people that do Uber or Lyft which would be worse.

Its weird though it's only effecting certain people and not every single ne and this is also happening with the One Plus 7T Pro McLaren 5G too.

Please say to put it on LTE in the network settings to fix the issue and it doesn't do a thing for me.

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I'm not having any such issue. In fact, both 5G & WiFi GPS are very accurate; if I blow the map up, it shows where I am in the building and which direction I'm facing... Perhaps, a third party app is interfering with your GPS? 😕

That's strange, because all signs point to this being a firmware issue that Samsung needs to resolve.  They even acknowledge it in support documents, and both the OnePlus and Samsung demo units in the two retail stores I visited both had the same problem..

I can usually get GPS data for a short period of time, and especially standing still, but it won't hold the GPS lock on the satellites as you're moving.  Try use Waze or Google Maps Navigation in your car - it's going to either not connect, or lose the connection after a minute.

Same here - changing the wireless settings to LTE doesn't resolve the problem.

The OTA update that was pushed today resolved my GPS issues.  Version N976USQU1ASL7. 

Too bad this wasn't available on release.

I have this update and it's still not fixed for me.  This really sucks and needs to be fixed immediately!

Well I just tried using my GPS on LTE after this update and it's a little butter it no longer says Connecting to GPS and gives me the turn by turn directions but sometimes it's still off and jumps my location thinking I'm on the side strett or something. It still. Doesn't work at all on 5G so really it's not fixed just improved just a little for me but yes they need to fix this! They shouldn't be happening on a $1300 flagship phone. Next time they should do beta testing and have people get the phones early in return giving technical feedback before launch cause we all not that people have problems with devices when out in the wild versus lab or company testing.

Can we say class action lawsuit? This is ridiculous. I got the McLaren 5G

phone and had the same issue and returned it thinking it was the phone but

it's the same problem with that phone too.

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Did some driving around yesterday after the update and Waze actually works now.  GPS locked within seconds after starting the app, and GPSTools reported a stable 3D fix at all times.  Google maps accuracy is much better as well, although my compass accuracy will occasionally go to low even after I calibrate it.

Do you have 5G enabled?

I got two Note10+ 5g. Both have same issues. GPS and battery.

I turned off 5G, which makes it little better but very disappointed.

Never mind, my GPS is still trash even after this update.  T-Mo support rep is saying it's because there's not enough 5G enabled towers in my area so the phone cannot triangulate on the 5G signal and it'll work once more towers are provisioned in 2020.   Kind of makes sense, but it's still a lame excuse and should have been identified in testing.

I'm done with this phone.  Jumping back to a regular Note 10+

Can confirm that Waze nor Google Maps are working on Note 10 5g in NYC area. I needed to turn of my 5g connection for my GPS to work. Very disappointed and I hope they fix this soon this isnt a cheap phone as well all know!!!

that's a lie. In NYC you would think we have enough 5g towers and the GPS still doesnt work. I needed to turn it down to LTE

I've been using this app called GPS lock which I think seems to help.  I also have noticed that Google Maps works better than Waze for some reason.  Waze always has issues connecting to the GPS.

Thank you so much will test it out happy holidays!

Let me know how it works. It's called GPS Locker actually. It's pretty cool

because you can have it launch any app after locking on a GPS signal. Happy

Holidays to everyone!

I did more testing yesterday and the GPS is definitely not working at all whenever I'm in 5G wireless network mode.  Switching to 4g/LTE works, but only if I switch before I leave Wifi, otherwise it takes forever to get a GPS lock. Reading online, it does seem that our devices do get most of the their GPS data from towers and not from the actual satellites anymore, which is something I didn't know, so I guess that apps that actually pull the GPS satellites are probably not going to be of much help outside of the app itself, but I'll check out the GPS Locker app that was mentioned earlier and see if that helps with Waze.

I also noticed Google Maps tends to be less finicky about getting a GPS lock vs. Waze, but I like the UI/UX of Waze over Google Maps Navigation, at least for now.

Bottom line, I'm not waiting around for T-Mo to get their towers upgraded.  I'm jumping back to the regular Note 10 next month.  The 5G speeds were good, but not worth the loss of GPS functionality.  I wouldn't mind it so much if there were a way to easily switch the wireless network mode via a home screen toggle, but to go into settings each time is a pain in the a$$.  Does anyone know of an easier way to switch between wireless network modes?

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You updated to the latest software version and you're still having trouble? If so, have you reset your Note and retested it to see if the same thing happens?

Well I can't really do a factory reset if that's what you meant or ill loose all my data. I spent over 4 hours in the T-Mobile store when I got this phone doing Smart Switch with my other device because they wouldn't let me take the devices home to do and bring it back. I know when I order a phone and they ship it to me. I have like 14 days to return the old device or I'll get charged for it. Why can't they do something like that.

If there is some way I can keep all my data I could try that but then also I don't want to go through all that work and then not have it fix the issue and then have to do another Smart Switch to get a new device. I would rather just get a new device if that's going to fix the problem so there isn't so much hassel and work.

Mid Jan an update is supposed to come out. I was told by a senior rep to keep my phone on LTE until the patch comes out to avoid any GPS issues. I wouldn't do a factory reset makes no se se and itll take a while to get the data back. Let's hope 2020 brings us better luck with these very expensive phones

Well thats good hopefully it will come out! This has sucked pretty bad.

If you're doing Jump on Demand, the retail stores allow you to take both devices home and return the previous device within 14 days.  It's called "deferred" device turn in.  The retail POS system defaults to immediate device turn in, but if the rep is knowledgeable, (or ask for the manager) they'll know to select it.

I've done my last 2 JoD swaps in store and returned a week later with the old device.  Smart switch works great, but I'd rather do it in the comfort of my own home and WiFi connection.

I hope the update is on time.  I can jump back on Jan 9th, so I'll hang on for a little bit after that, but I'm not paying for a 5G phone that doesn't have 5G.