Note 10+ 5G GPS & Battery Issues/Problem


I just picked up the Note 10+ 5G from T-Mobile on launch day, and I'm having major issues with the phone's GPS.  From searching online, it appears this is a known problem that was resolved on the Verizon version with a patch that was issued back in October, but seems to have been left out of the T-Mobile version.

The phone will not obtain or maintain a GPS signal lock if you have the network set to 5G.  It also struggles to get a GPS signal when in 4G mode too.  Google Maps/Navigation and Waze both report "unable to connect to GPS", which leads me to believe it's a system issue with Android 10 or the firmware.

I found threads reporting the same issue on the Samsung Community​ and XDA,

I'm disappointed this bug wasn't addressed earlier like it was on Verizon.  At least I got the Note via JoD, so I'm jumping back to the "regular" Note after my 30 days is up if this is not fixed soon.


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Ok when I initially checked on this and we showing for G at the time even though I was able to connect to 5G and I just noticed now at my current location where I was before now showing 5G and this is a test I tried it again and once again it is not locking onto the GPS so yet again this 4th update that we've had is still not fixing the GPS issues.

Come on Samsung/T-Mobile what is the deal here. It sounds like you need new employees that can actually do the job correctly.

The Note 20 is going to come out before this is fixed. Then people are going to have the same issues on those ones.

Hopefully they get this fixed soon cause the S20 comes out and it will be 5G on its own and probably will use the same 5G chip and a lot more customers are going to be unhappy.

Updated software this morning also and it's still not 100.

I would say it works 80% of the time. I mostly notice when I'm home and leave my wifi 8/10 times I need to reset my phone because it doesnt pick up a lock on waze or google maps. And honestly the speed on 5g doesnt wow me. I dont notice much difference and I dont think it was worth the $ I spent on this devicem

Yeah I haven't been real impressed with the coverage in general with the 5G. I know speeds can incelrease when near a tower but it should be faster rather away then Verizon or ATT cause they use the high bands for 5G which gives faster speeds if you are right next to the tower. Low band speed are supposed to be faster the 4G but not as fast as the high band Verizon has but broader coverage.

I know there is still some stations that are have an agreement for a600 mmn on analog TV. Once those are up they can get use those areas for more 5G coverage.

When the Sprint merger goes through will have the low, mid, and high bands so that should be great coverage and speeds.

csep917 wrote:

Updated software this morning also and it's still not 100.

I would say it works 80% of the time. I mostly notice when I'm home and leave my wifi 8/10 times I need to reset my phone because it doesnt pick up a lock on waze or google maps. And honestly the speed on 5g doesnt wow me. I dont notice much difference and I dont think it was worth the $ I spent on this devicem

I absolutely agree that the 5G has been a disappointment. I bought mine as I support IT and need to know the truth about things like 5G so that I know what I am dealing with, so I don't think it was a waste for me.  But it has added almost nothing to my experience using T-Mobile.  I was in a meeting with Sprint reps at a client location earlier this week. I had a 5G signal and ran 14 Mbps down.  The Sprint rep, ON AN OLD S8 RAN 90+ Mbps down. On 4G LTE. On SPRINT! Very disappointing. I almost considered a switch. But I have a great grandfathered plan that I don't want to lose.

As to the ongoing problem with GPS and Maps/Waze, part of the problem is that not everyone is having that trouble.  I have no problems with GPS by itself or using Android Auto. I DID have GPS issues, but after the very first update, I did several things which ultimately resolved it. May I suggest, if you have not already tried these steps to try each and then test. If not, try the next:

1) Wipe the cache partition

2) Completely uninstall Maps, Waze and Android Auto. Then, before reinstalling, go to Device Care and run the Optimize option. Then reinstall.

Those steps I believe resolved it for me. As a last step, a factory wipe gets rid of corruption that the other options miss. But I know that is easier said than done.  With that said, I am seriously considering a wipe.  Since the next to the last update a week or so ago I am having horrible battery life (the last one was the monthly security update and with its small size, it is doubtful that is fixed anything). Still, easier said than done. Best wishes in getting your phone issues resolved.

I got ATA6 update last night and GPS on Waze was faster to lock on this morning's commute (<30 seconds) vs. yesterday and over the past week on ATA5 (>45 seconds to a minute), which was already WAY better than before, when GPS was completely nonfunctional.  I haven't noticed a battery life improvement on ATA6 compared to 5, but as I noted earlier, I can deal with high battery use.  I may try a factory reset later on when I have the time to set everything back up again.

My 5G performance is about 15-20% improved over LTE on average.  But I'm only getting 30-80 Down and 20-30 up, whereas I would have inconsistent LTE performance between 5-20 down and 1-3 up.

Overall, I'm pleased that they finally got us OTAs that addressed the GPS issue (addressed - not solved!).  Hopefully those that are still having GPS issues can now get more specific tech support now that the "general" fix has been released.

Still broken.  I called T-Mobile yesterday and tech support says they know about the issue and have gotten many reports.  They are no longer logging new reports.  They hope it will be fixed in the next update but no idea when that might be.

The GPS still doesn't work reliably all the time. This is the biggest joke

and they have yet to fix the problem

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GPS is not working on the S20 Ultra either!  This is ridiculous.  I think it's time to get an attorney involved who wants to file a class-action lawsuit against T-Mobile.

Are you serious? So u traded in the Note?

How is it working like not at all or like the Note 10 5g after the update.

I'm down let's set up an email chain @ @csep917

Mine is acting up again losing GPS despite all the updates. Not surprised that the ultra 5g is having the same problem.

Yeah, I got the Note for pretty much free for switching to T-Mobile but I

never had a need for the pen so I traded it in for the S20 Ultra. So far,

I'm having the same exact issue with GPS. Waze barely works unless I reset

my phone. I haven't used the GPS too much yet to see if it loses the

signal but I strongly believe that this is a network issue and not a phone

issue. It's possible an update or something could fix the problem but I am

thinking that this is a T-Mobile issue at this point and I don't know what

the hell they are doing to fix it. When you have a phone that costs more

than a damn laptop, it should work...period! I think we should gather a

list of names and email address somehow and find an attorney.

Well I don't know if it's a network issue because in the Clarion 5G has the same chip and there's got fixed. Also it has nothing related to do technically with the 5G Towers. Cuz when you switch your phone to 4G it's basically like a Porgy phone now. Also my other previous notes didn't have issues with losing GPS signal or locking on it's just been this one.

Actually people that have the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G ARE having GPS issues just like we are! This is stupid that they didn't fix the problem on the Note 10 + 5G before releasing these new S20 devices!

I'll be super pissed if they come out with a fix for the Samsung Galaxy s20 Ultra 5G before we get a fix!

Searching for GPS Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G - Samsung Community - 1138146

Wow really Samsung and T-Mobile!?

I'm down but in the lawsuit Samsung needs to be involved too as it's a issue for other carriers as well.

My GPS has started to not work again.  It was reasonably better at locking the last 3 weeks since the last OTA, but the last two days, it's taken Waze longer and longer to lock GPS when I get in the car, and today it didn't lock at all. 

I'm going to try using GPSTools to reset and clear the AGPS data first, and if that doesn't work, a hard reset this weekend.  It probably won't do anything but it's worth a try before I finally give up and JoD out of this device.  In general, I don't think the Android 10 is fully baked on here anyway; besides GPS, I've been having all kinds of weird keyboard and swiping problems.

And of course now I get another OTA update, this time to version ATB7.  It was only ~200MB, so I'm guessing it's just the March security update.

Just updated with the new software and I can confirm that this DID NOT fix the GPS locking on issues ugh!!!

T-Mobile are you even reading our messages?!?!

Still takes 5 minutes or longer to lock onto GPS,  I wish I never bought this phone and switched to tmobile!

April 20th and GPS in the Samsung Note still not working.  If you reboot the phone it will work for awhile with the 5G turned off.  Anyone else still having this issue?  Is anyone organizing a class action suit yet?