Note 10+ Read Receipt won't turn off

  • 20 February 2021
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I have the Note 10+ and it was working  beautifully up until the recent update roughly a week ago. I can adjust to the new changes (such as the volume being on the side and having to take more steps to find synced devices), even though I don't like most of them. What I can't stand is that the update somehow did something to where the text message read receipts are staying on. I've gone into the settings, even advanced settings, to make sure the read receipts are off. I've cleared the cache and rebooted. I've tried everything I've seen suggested on the web but yet the stupid pop-up won't stay gone. It's on every text thread, individual and group. I didn't start having this problem until the update. I don't know why there needs to 2-3 updates within a couple months when things were working fine!

Is anyone else having this issue (read receipts settings switched from what they were before the update and won't go back even after checking the settings, clearing the cache, and rebooting)?

How can I fix this without doing a factory reset (I don't want to lose everything over a stupid, glitched feature)?

2 replies


This is the pop-up that won't go away 

Yes. I am having the same issue on same phone. Note 10+ 5G.