Note 8 Pie Update E.T.A

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What do you think is being more secure with these security updates?

I honestly hate T-Mobile for this delay so I'm just switching to AT&t

Boohoo, "I don't have an update that doesn't prevent my phone from working exactly the way it did when I bought it"...Have fun with att. Let us know how awesome they are with your much higher bill, worse coverage, and when you don't get the update as fast as other carriers next year.

Well we can only hope and pray that they fixed this even though TMo is the last carrier to do the update for the N8 it's better late than not at all


The monthly security update for April fixes a host of high and critical severity vulnerabilities found in various components and services in the Android ecosystem. Vulnerabilities include the serious remote code execution (RCE) flaw, privilege escalation, information disclosure, and denial-of-service flaws. The most affected version was Android 7.0 and its variants -- 7.1.1 and 7.1.2.

Qualcomm components, which are used in most of the Android devices, also had more than 70 bugs which were patched in this update. Therefore, Android users are suggested to update to the latest version provided by the device manufacturer. These will available anytime soon."

ON Re:6 march 5 some body said that Samsung didn't developed the software!  😮

what do you know? every other carrier and unlocked  phones got the update by FEB 2019. this is April 5 still i didn't get the update, still it was in testing mode.

It seems like T-Mobile Galaxy Note8's Android Pie is gone by now. I checked it and still in testing


What do you mean by "gone?" Like we aren't getting it?

Like T-Mobile Takes Too Much Time

I have an honest real question. Besides what we heard about the auxiliary cord bug. I'm not asking when is it coming out, I want to really know. What else is the issue that's delaying this? I know you cant give the dates of release but surely T-mo can tell us whats holding it up. We go back and forth because we keep getting this same auto reply to look at the update page and its not even updated with no info its just the same darn message about the phase its in. As someone said before, the funny with all this is no matter how long you take with the update, its still going to have bugs and people are still going to complain. I've held my patience and I still am with this update however it really needs to be understood that as this is the very last major firmware update for the Note 8, that people want to get their hands on it. At the end of it, I can say I will be buying the Note 10 for this service but I still want all my hardware up to date. I really think you guys need to make a beta testing customer team. You're the uncarrier right? Be different. Give the people the option to opt in if they are at good standing with the company and paying up for their bills, this would be a real reward. Make the disclosure that of course its a beta and not everything is going to be peachy and to use that their discretion. Live a little. Because you don't know how many times since the US release of pie that I've been checking on chrome and bing to see if anything changed..... Lets just say... I'm at 15,000 points lol but still please give us something guys.   @tmobile-admin@tmo_brandy


I don't believe any rumor about an auxiliary cord bug. Where did this rumor

come from? I never saw any link. If it came from a rep, it's BS. Reps don't

know when it's going to be pushed any more than you or I. Samsung sent the

exact same pie firmware to AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. They didn't find any

bugs with the auxiliary cord. The hardware is the same!

That's what i'm saying! And that aux cord thing I saw a few post back but I didn't ever see nothing on it so I really didn't know if this was from a rep or on some link. I just added it in just because. But you get what i'm saying at least correct? Not trying to look dumb here. But its something just not right.

Exactly! There's a real easy way to shut all of us up that want the update asap, let us join in beta testing and kill 2 birds with one stone. Make us happy to have the update early and get some free testing done by us in the real world. I've been in on beta testing in the past and it always worked out great. When I used to buy Motorola phones they always had beta test groups which I always participated in.

I also agree with your point about the so called bug or bugs that have been found. If that's really the case then why has every other US carrier including pretty much every other country released the update. If it's that big of a problem I'm sure TMobile wouldn't have been the only one to find it.

You should be on android 8.0 smart one...the flaws say they're in android 7 according to what you quoted.

Yeah, sure, give you guys buggy software so you can complain about your $1,000 paper weights...that'll solve all the problems! Good idea, you should get paid by T-Mobile! Hopefully the buggy update kills your internet on all devices so you can't post dumb things like this anymore. You really think you'd be happier with a phone that keeps crashing?...

Think they were making a point about security risks with outdated


You seem to really like to pick at people in a child like manor.

That specific one said the most affected version is 7 but that's not the only one. You can check the site (I tried to put the link but it got moderated). It shows all the security flaws that are fixed each month. There's a reason Samsung said they will be sending monthly security updates and Google creates the security patches for a reason, not just for fun. Exploits are created all the time and you have to update security to counter them. At a time when most people are doing everything on their phones that they would do on a PC, security is a huge deal. If Google says the security updates are needed, there's no reason TMobile should be holding them back from us.

If it's good enough to make it past Google's and Samsung's testing to release, and it's good enough for every other carrier and country, I'm sure it's ok for T-mobile's customers. If the update was causing everyone's phones to crash I'm sure everyone else wouldn't have released it. But if you just want to argue why you don't want to update yet, I don't know why you are on this thread other than to be a jerk and talk crap.

People will be aiming at the latest updates for security holes. Nobody is working on hacks for the note 3 and phones running ice cream sandwich.

If you're smart enough to deal with beta software, get odin or whatever, flash it on your phone. Don't expect tmobile to push out an update saying do you want to be a software tester with the risk of your phone dying. Beta testers should be able to figure out how to obtain and flash beta software themselves. The information is out there.

Samsung has the beta program which I did sign up for but unfortunately it was only for international models, it wasn't available for any carrier locked phones. Everyone in the beta program outside the US all had the Pie update on their Note 8 months ago. Back when Motorola used to do it, I participated in quite a few beta programs while on T-Mobile but that was years ago.

If youre somewhat techy and own your phone outright you can find the package installer for your Note 8 on XDA forums. I would t suggest doing this if you are paying off your phone but i got sick of waiting  ‍♂️

Or again, borrow someone elses SIM from sprint, ATT etc.. Your note 8 unless it's the international/unlocked variant is the same hardware between the 4 major US carriers. The software is identical too! The samsung update server lists the same build ID for all 3 of the carriers that have said "go". Borrow a SIM like I did and let it update without having to jump through ODIN hoops. I've been running Pie on my note 8 since the day sprint released it, I'm on T-Mobile using a phone originally purchased through Verizon. Samsung went to the "Multi-CSC" universal model several generations ago. The battery life improvements alone were worth getting Pie and I have not seen any bugs running on T-Mobile, in fact my phone doesn't crash like it did on Oreo.

This link explains pretty well how your phone gets updates. although the instructions for changing your CSC dont work anymore (samsung blocked) but changing the SIM automatically changes your CSC and makes the update work, but it will replace all your T-Mobile Apps with the other carrier's bloatware until you go back.

Borrow a SIM and get it from a trusted source or risk getting a modified version.