Note 8 Pie Update E.T.A

How long is it going to take for android pie update for note 8.


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For a number of reasons, the timeline won't be made public. Best advice I can say is watch the update page on TMobile to see when it is announced. If Samsung does update that device and that they just are now releasing it for the note 9, it is probably not going to be for 4 or more months.

  • I thought T-Mobile with supposed to be cutting edge technology was cutting-edge software and hardware?? Other lesser brands and models already have Android pie. I pay over $100 a month on a phone that is multiple years old and still do not have  Android pie update. Plus this form is such junk. T-Mobile makes it so hard to post anything on here. And I can understand why because they treat their customers like crap.
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Valid concerns! Unfortunately we don't develop the software updates, rather that goes through the device manufacturers making us adherent to their development time-lines. Our primary role during their development process is a quality assurance route,and from there delays can occur if issues are found with the update the manufacturer has released. Because the manufacturers are responsible for the rollout, their focus on the updates is often on their newest devices, and Pie for the Note 9 is only starting. As mentioned above, older devices are often a few months to follow if receiving an update.

That said, the forum is all us. If you have any feedback or issues with posting, lay them on us because we absolutely would love to ease the process if having issues.


This is just total BS from T-Mobile to take this long for Pie update for their devices. They should have put that right and clear that Note 8 phones bought from them will be lagging behind software updates for months and I'd have made a better decision by then. Nowhere it was mentioned that Note 8 (just the previous generation model, not too old) would get a sub-par treatment when it comes to software updates. With the pace T-Mobile is taking I hope Google doesn't get the "Q" version out before we even get the "P" update. I don't buy that it's Samsung's problem since other carriers all got their Note 8 updated to Pie. Never again buying a carrier branded phone.

I dont get how a S8 has already updated and the Note 8 hasn't.

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Because Samsung hasn't developed it yet...

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And as I was just looking, I don't see that the s8 has it yet either.

How is that all the other carriers got their Note 8's updated to Pie while T-Mo is still stuck on Oreo? Maybe their focus is to gulp Sprint customers as well and not focusing on the tech that keeps their current customers. I've been with them for almost a decade now but this is not a great experience.

So which do you recon will come first? Me going out to buy the Note 10 or me getting the Android Pie update on my current Note 8? I figure they might just come at the same time at the rate you're all going...


I see that the note 8 is on the testing block how long would it take to be sent out the public.

Yep, that's at least one step forward, hope it doesn't stay there for months. It's not just the new fancy thing, it's more of fixing a few issues I have with Oreo that I was looking forward to getting it fixed with Pie. Hope T-Mo can get this out real quick.

The update for the S9 and S9+ dropped before it switched from development to testing. It skipped testing completely and went straight to completed.


thats not good then that means were gonna have to wait.

Not necessarily. It might drop sooner than you think. If the S9 and S9+ went from development - complete, the Note 8 update might be right around the corner. I've used Pie on my Note 8 and it was just about finished at beta build DRL7. I can't imagine there's much more to fix at this point.

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Samsung still does the development work. There are also other features and things TMobile uses that other carriers don't. The carriers don't develop the updates. That has already been a house long since beaten to death.


which build your on unlock version

Can I get pie beta on s8+

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I don't think there are any public beta program for that device.

The Tmobile Note 8 Android Pie is in it's 2nd phase "testing" which means it will not be that long at all before we are able to download the update.


how many phases it goes threw?

Its goes through 3

1st is development

2nd is testing

3rd is complete and ready for download

And by 'testing', magenta7896480 means they're adding all their bloatware and extra garbage apps you could probably do without.

No, the testing phase has nothing to do with "bloatware". That's pre-installed.

If you think any app is bothersome it's not hard to either uninstall it or disable it.

So Testing means Testing.

I hope it'll be out before March 15th. I don't normally see devices in Testing for longer than 12-14 days.

Looks like it's stuck in the "Testing" phase now! It's been 5 days now and already Android Q is in play it seems and we are still waiting for P! Long time Apple Developer converted to Android a few months back and software updates were never an issue on the Apple land, and this is so bitter of an experience so far. Never again will buy an Android phone if it's not pure Android or Android One.

It will probably be released by next week at the latest because most devices don't usually stay in testing for more than 2 weeks, at this point were just waiting for T-Mobile to approve the update. Usually it's not the manufactures fault the update takes so long, rather the Carrier's due to the fact they have to test it, add their little bits to it and THEN push it out. The Note 8 originally started getting one UI at the beginning of February but due to carriers it's taken this long. The best thing to do if you want updates fast is buy an Unlocked phone or a Google pixel as they get the updates the fastest.