Note 8 Pie Update E.T.A

How long is it going to take for android pie update for note 8.


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Right... That's what I am most frustrated about, Samsung and t Mobil leaving us hanging with a os Android updated 6 months ago and no security patches since January

Wow even Xfinity mobile note 8 got the update crazy T mobile is really slacking

Again no security patches either. Very frustrating.

For all of this just upgrade to the next phone


But the Note 10 doesn't come out until August/September  

Sadly the note 9 is pretty much identical to the note 8 would be a

pointless upgrade plus i still owe on my note 8. Thats the issue they know

once youve bought it you are stuck and they can do whatever they want.

Including delay updates and yet force you to pay a bill regardless. 9 times

out of 10 id upgrade then they would do the same thing in 9 months to the

note 9.

That's likely what they are hoping but if I do it will likely be a pixil or plus one purchased from the makers, absolutely not a Samsung, especially now that they have tied their rebates to 3 years of payment credits... An awfully long time to be tied to one phone and one carrier

Ive literally owned every model up to the 10 but im starting to feel like

price wise i own an apple phone. Best thing about samsung was they had more

features for your dollar. Now they are about the same price. But i agree

with you.

3 years is very long considering the average consumer gets a new phone

yearly and they bring new models out yearly.

Samsung already put out the update, it's t mobile who's taking their sweet time. Might as well switch carries if they don't get with the program. I bet boost and cricket already had their update last week .lol

Use to have att and cricket before. Left them for the reason now lol.

Honestly like i said they cost as much as an apple anymore without the

lengthy support. Lets face it they already dumped there active series for

support and they sold them up until last year at almost full price.

Very true, and they're easily the least durable series of phones


You would switch carriers just because of an update? I doubt it. Just because AT&T and Cricket have the update, their network is nowhere near as good as ours.

Also, the update is rolling out ANY day now.

Well idk about best network. But we should atleast be receiving security

updates. Thats mind boggling and dangerous. Security of a device should

never be delayed by any company. All it takes is on person to figure out

how to use it to there advantage and you have millions on phones hacks and

personal info stolen. Basically they are setting themselves up fir a

lawsuit. Samsung did say they sent them security patches up to april. And

they could be applied to android oreo.


I won't deny that it bugs that the update is taking forever, but let's be realistic, we don't have the update because there's obviously issues they are working out. I'm not leaving Tmobile because I'm impatient. I love them and we will get the update and I'm almost certain we won't have the bugs that everyone else is having.

Concerning the Security Patch, I think you're right because the S7 series got March's.

If your privacy is ever compromised by the lack of Security Updates, I'm very sure T-Mobile would completely understand and make it right somehow.

As long as you safely install safe apps (there are malicious apps that make it to Google Play), keep Lookout on and active, you should be okay. However, I'm pretty sure that identity protection is included with JUMP/JOD.

I would have no idea what would be a good estimate; it literally could be released any minute now.

I'm willing to bet a bunch of these people complaining about lack of the security patch are the same people that turn off Windows updates...they're not worried about "security" they just need something to whine about...Even if we had the latest security patch they'd still be complaining about T-Mobile taking too long with the didn't have the security patches when you got the've been unsecured all this time...If you want to be secure, don't use any electronic devices. They're all monitoring your location, listening in on you, and watching through your cameras.

If you don't believe me, start buying ingredients to make bombs and you'll see how fast they find you. Lol


For real.

Not at all just want my security updates. Could care less about android pie.

Honestly I just think that if there gonna push updates security patches and ect they should do it for all carriers all together at the same time that way there all being updated to the right patch

I agree, if Apple can update all their devices at once, why can't Samsung and other brands. Even if carriers want to do their own testing and send out updates for the version updates, the OEMs should push out the monthly security updates

Are you saying you want Samsung to prevent all carriers from releasing the update until it's ready? The reason is all the iPhones are the same now, but the Samsung phones are specific to each carrier, unless you get the one direct from Samsung.

nambinhvu is correct.

I disagree

The best website for the update notifications is:

Notify Update

The T-Mobile support page is some times not updated as frequently. Like the current software, it didn't show up until recently when it came out in February.