Note 8 Pie Update E.T.A

How long is it going to take for android pie update for note 8.


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In that case it could have likely been a game or an app with malware encoding and does something like photo editing, but I can see how that would crash a phone doing an update when it goes through each app for optimization. If it hits a bad one, then in theory that could happen.

Yes. I did everything i could try *myself* before factory reset, no luck. Took it to tmobile store, they also tried some stuff, no luck. So we factory reset it, and that fixed it, and it came through with the new update too. The tmobile tech really couldn't figure out what the problem was. He suspects maybe a recent app I downloaded from pplaystore...but who knows. Thank God I back up my stuff to Google and samsung...  it all got repopulated when we reset it.

Did it get fixed?


Make sure you have enough storage space on your phone. Maybe 6gb to be safe. Not sure how much is actually needed and let it run. It looked like it froze for a while when I updated.


I love the update! My apologies to all the people having issues.

I just tried downloading the pie update for the galaxy note 8. It didn't take on my phone and is now in Android Recovery mode. I need a tmobile rep to get ahold of me as soon as possible to help me get everything dealt with and get the pie update to work on my phone. This is craziness. I don't know where else to contact a tmobile rep because I only have my laptop as a means of communicating right now. Thank you, I'd appreciate any help.

Would love to see Android standardize the share pop up across all apps. Every app does it differently. This is more of an Android thing rather than Samsung.

The best share screen in my opinion is sharing from the Gallery. All apps emulate this structure and form. Anyway, just a thought outside of this forum. Pie is sweet!

I attempted the update this morning, and it bricked my note 8! It is stuck in re-start mode, and then stops and says there's an error, etc... I've already tried clearing the cache, starting in safe mode. Didn't help. So it's the update that did this. And my local store doesn't open till noon, and I have to work at noon. This sucks. Has the update bricked anyone else's phone? I haven't factory reset yet, because I want to go to the store and have the techs take a look at it. Maybe it can be restarted without losing any data in the previous software version? Thoughts?

This is what I was talking about...release the update and people will complain about other stuff. Friggin spoiled entitled brats...

If you want night mode with a theme, you have to use a pie night mode compatible theme. Night mode is essentially a theme, you're basically asking why you can't have a black car that's white...put the the default theme, then on night mode, then change your wallpaper...what part of your theme are you trying to keep?...

Who ever at Samsung though it'd be cool to introduce night mode but only make it available if you don't use a theme is stupid. Why even put it in there if we can't use it.

You guys have excellent customer service, but software updates is not T-Mobile strong suit.

This is what I am talking about in AOD but did get Good Lock app it fixed it but now my phone number not shows need to see my phone number when need it to show me for sometimes my memory kind of goes blank. Thanks

My AOD in lock clock date and phone number is black now where did it go? Fix this please. Help need my clock date phone number showing AOD when I use my button to turn off but only for the clock date and my phone number shows help fix this

Android Pie is here, those who didn't get it automatically, download it manually under Settings > Software Update and you should get it. Overall the update went so smooth and the experience so far is good enough. Not a lot of change I noticed as touted by others regarding One looks so subtle.

Everything is better with Pie!

Now I'm not one to be like oh my battery life doubled and all that, but this is butter pecan pie... Everything is smooth and night mode yes! I can now get rid of the third party theme app.. Was good but sometimes caused the phone hang when themes crashed. If you don't have Goodlock, see Samsung App Store. You can further customize and tweak notification quick settings, task manager and now with Pie the navigation bar!

Sound is way better, optimized with pie and those AVG headphones that came with the phone now sound like the should. Even has Dolby Atmos now. Accessaility is great for these tall phones. Yay Pie!


guys head to smartswitch pie is ready for download as we speak.

Yep got mine at 5am sounds like we all got around 5am my friend got the update on her S8 and she says she doesn't like it I told her well its Samsung's idea to make it easier for people especially with phones becoming so taller now but she's like I hate this sooooo much can I change it back.. I'm like uh...NO.. 

Pie goodness is here! Not fake news after all!

Agreed. May have taken a while... but this is some damn good pie!

I gave fake news now? Hah!

Texting seems smoother and less glitchy and the system overall feels much

cleaner and smoother running

just got mine too, finally! Downloading now

Just got my pie update tmobile note 8