Note20 Ultra 5G Groups Texts Messaging issues after recent update

  • 13 September 2021
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Anyone aware of, or noticing any issues with group texts on their Note 20Us (possibly any other Samsung device?) after the latest software update? 


I noticed that after the update, any group text chats via Samsung messages, doesn’t keep the conversation in the group thread. In example, a group chat with 2 or more people, messages can be sent in the thread and devices on the receiving end get the message just fine within the thread, however, when anyone from that thread responds, instead of getting the message within that group thread, it comes to my device as separate thread message as if I am speaking with those individuals one on one. 


This has made things a bit confusing as some of my threads are bigger than 5 people, and when a topic that picks up steam takes off, exceeding 50 messages, I come back to my phone to find all those message cascaded as separate texts from the individuals instead of in an organized flow in the group thread. 

When I first noticed the issue, I power cycled the phone, booted in to Android System Recovery and cleared my cache. Cleared the cache of the Samsung messaging app, MCM client, and Carrier Hub, apps and still no luck. 


I ignored the issue for a about a week or so to see if it would resolve itself or if Samsung would maybe provide an app update to the messages app (they usually provide app updates after big OTA updates to their default apps) to resolve the issue, instead, I ended up getting another OTA update to my device, 2 OTAs in less than 3 weeks. The issue however, remained the same. 


I conducted a test on 2 other phones I have at home by creating a new group chat with them which proved it’s just my device so far. I conducted the test with a few other friends, and they are getting the texts in the thread just fine. 


I also notice that each time I boot up my device I get these prompts and back to back alerts that may tell a bigger story (see screenshots). I had to be quick in getting the screenshots for these, my dark mode may make the text hard to read.


I did recently change my plan from Simple Choice to Magenta MAX so not sure if that plays a part in this but other devices on my plan are not showing these issues. the other devices are all iPhone 12s though. Also to reference, my Note20 Ultra is using it’s built in eSIM. Wondering what else I can do stopping shy of a device wipe. The screenshot that says unstable connection seems wrong because my device shows full bars on 5G although possibly true because my dBm’s are pretty high at around 96 to 100 average. I live in the tallest building in my New York area and I am a level below the top and final floor with very large windows, I don’t use WiFi calling but do connect to WiFi at home for data and my device may occasionally fluctuate back to 4G LTE at any given time. 



2 replies

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im actually surprised you get signal being in the second to last floor of the tallest building in your area..usually the taller the building the less signal you would get since they point the antennas towards the ground and not up into the air. my mom has been running into the same type of issues with her i believe S21..doesnt receive many of the incoming calls...texts are pretty hit and miss..Samsung junked up something in their last couple updates they have pushed out.


So far no luck in my issue being fixed. I even master reset the phone and wiped the eSIM. With and without my account synced back to phone, the issue persists. I think the toggle for keeping groups chats as group chats is bugged. 

T-Mobile reps seem to be very hesitant to offer insurance coverage exchange as there is a high chance, my 512GB model has no replacements available, I will remove the feature from my account and stop giving away free money. I assume the chip shortage and Samsung’s seemingly temporary abandonment of the Note series play a part in that. 

I did speak with Samsung though, and while they stated I’m “under warranty” the options available felt as if that was not the case. they did however offer to swap my Note for an S21 Ultra. I declined (Prefer the Note). I’ll just hang tight until the next software update holding my breath for a fix or re-purchase the 512GB through a 3rd party seller.