Notifications Issues with Revvl 4

  • 8 October 2020
  • 2 replies


Anyone having similar issues with notifications not showing up on their revvl-4? some apps only show once opened most importantly my outlook app wont send any notifications as well as my arlo app. i checked everything in the book from app notification settings, do not disturb, to disabling battery optimizations in the smart app as well as under battery settings, even did a full factory reset with no luck.


i am wondering if this is just do to the devices ram being limited? im ready to take this phone back to the store, so frustrating!

2 replies

Yes, it is very annoying and is impossible to fix. There are a number of bugs in the programming I think. I only get notifications for texts and nothing else. Not instagram, not snapchat, not even messenger. If I leave an app to go to a different one for a few seconds then switch back, it seems to reset the original app I was looking at. Is there anyway someone from T-Mobile can take a look at the phones software and send out a system update to fix these issues? I would be willing to do a beta mode like program to give feedback on it.

Anyone having this issue I will refer you to this reddit chain. It seems to have solved my issues